Written by pd78uk

4 Jun 2011

A few years back I placed an advert looking for an older women for some no strings attached fun. The only requirements were that the person was genuine and knew it was simply sex.

After a few replies, including some from a few guys, I narrowed it down to two. As this was something new to me I was pretty nervous. So not wanting to accidentally end up going out for a drink with one of my aunties, you never know, I arranged to meet one of the women who lived about 30 min drive from me, Elle.

We exchanged a few emails some pictures to make sure we both knew what the boundaries were, and to again check it was not a man trying to meet me. It turns out that Elle was 52, married, size 18 and looking to be fucked!

She told me that her husband had become impotent due to a disability and she was missing the sex. She told me that her old boss used to regularly fuck her after work, but had gained a promotion and moved to a different part of the country.

After two weeks we arranged a date, she had to arrange with a friend to cover for her in case any questions were asked by her old man. We had to arrange a weekday as she could not do weekends due to looking after her husband.

I remember watching the clock at work and seeing it slowly edged forward. At minutes to the end of the day I could feel my mouth getting dry and my stomach felt a bit queasy, remember this was the first time I did anything like this before. Just as I was leaving my boss started talking to me and I had to cut him off as I had to meet someone, little did he know I thought.

Driving up to the hotel seemed to take ages and I kept checking the map (pre satnav) due to nerves. As soon as I booked the hotel I had planned my route from work, so should have been able to drive it with my eyes shut, traffic depending!

I pulled into the hotel car park and was surprised by the amount of cars there. I then realised that this was probably a good thing. It would look very suspect pulling up only two cars in the car park, then both individuals getting out and going to the hotel at the same time. It doesn't take Stephen Hawking to work out what is going on there.

I sent Elle a quick text and waited for a reply, half hoping she had bottled it. Two minutes later my mobile beeped. She was in silver Hyundai parked next to the first lamppost, to the left of reception as you look at it. I sucked it up, got out of the car and walked over.

I could see someone in the car and walked over. As I approached she got out of the car. She was as described, and looking as nervous as I was. I thought fuck it and man up, we are both here for the same reason. I walked up and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and exchanged some pleasantries.

We then headed toward the hotel making small talk about traffic and other stuff, all the while my cock was singing 'we're gonna have sex, we're gonna have sex' I walked into the reception and paid for the room. While talking to the receptionist I could see if her eye that she knew what was going on: A 24 year old man, booking a room with a double bed for one night, on a Tuesday, with a 52 year old women waiting just behind him.

I took the key and walked with Elle to the room, the conversation dipped as we got to the room. As I had just finished work I fancied a shower to freshen up. I stripped off in front of Elle. I stood there with a semi and told her I would be a few minutes, I couldn't help notice her staring at my cock.

When I got out of the shower I noticed her clothes were piled on the chair and she was under the covers. I quickly towelled off and walked over to her. I threw back the covers and saw that she was as described, 5 foot 4 inches, 40DD tits with big nipples, size 18 and a trimmed fanny.

I literally dived on top of her, due to nerves and the mixed feeling of anxiousness and arousal. We started to snog hard with our tongues licking and tasting each other’s mouths. I grabbed hold of one of her breasts causing her to moan a little. Her legs were wide open and my cock could not help but rub against her slit.

I moved down slowly and started sucking her breasts in turn. I snaked a hand down to her slit and found her clit. Working on her nub while sucking her nipples I found her getting wetter and wetter.

I then moved lower and started to suck on her clit. I licked up and down her slit and darted my tongue in and out of her. I built her up and up and she kept writhing and wriggling more and more. She then started to cum and telling me I knew what I was doing and how I was able to please her. In a moment of clarity I thought 'thanks for the compliment but to be honest I am still shitting it a bit!’

When she came she gushed slightly and soaked my face, her fanny/thighs and the bed. At this she got up and placed a towel down to stop causing a mess. I told her not to bother, but she wouldn't listen.

When she laid back down I got back on top and we started to kiss again. I slowly moved my very stiff cock up towards her slit and rubbed my bell end up and down it. With a slow pop I felt the end of my cock glide into her very wet fanny. I built up a steady rhythm and started to squeeze and suck on her breasts again; all the while I could hear her breathing getting heavier and faster.

I was pumping away feeling my cock gliding in and out of this soft silky fanny when I could then feel her muscles slowly contract around my cock. It got tighter and tighter, which made me harder and harder. I then felt her gush again as I fanny muscles contracted and vibrated around my cock. This was too much for me and I felt my balls tighten and started pumping harder as my balls emptied into her flooding her womb with my sperm. I kept pumping away, feeling my cum and her wetness slowly oozing out of her.

After a few minutes my limp cock slipped out of her well used and soaking fanny. WE had another kiss and I say up. She then leant forward and taking me in her mouth sucked my cock clean.

My mind was telling me that it was absolute madness. I had only met this woman in person an hour ago, I had already fucked her and here she was now cleaning my spunk covered cock with her mouth!

I stayed a few hours more, had a shower and then we both left.

I hope that you like this story and can honestly say that this is true, although I met her through another website.

Look forward to your feedback. If you like this one then I have a few more stories I could share.