Written by Rupert8male

28 Jun 2011

I had been chatting to a guy on SH since last year on occasions that we happened to be in chatrooms at the same time. His name was Jim and he, like many other guys had a fantasy of watching his wife Karen getting fucked by another fella. She however wouldn’t hear of it and there was no chance of it happening for him.

At the end of last year however events took an unexpected turn. Jim and Karen, who were there early 30’s had been trying for a baby for a year or so without success before they had to go for tests, including Jim to the small room with the porn magazines to produce a sample. His sperm test showed he had a very low sperm count. [Most reader will now know where this tale is going].

Jim told me their first option was to have some donor sperm but Karen didn’t like that idea as being too clinical; also she said she wanted to know whose baby she might end up carrying. Jim said she wanted an older guy with a proper education so he told her about me and that I was a chemist with a post graduate qualification. Apparently he described me to her as “quite a brainy chap really”, which was flattering.

To cut out about three weeks discussions, it was agreed we would meet at a hotel near Bristol where they lived. I was to book everything which I did, checking in early and waiting for them in the bar. They arrived on the dot at seven, the agreed time. I bought drinks and we chatted for a while. Jim seemed very nervous, but Karen not at all. She was dressed very smartly in a dark skirt and stockings and a powder blue blouse I noticed her keep casting glances in my direction. After about 30 minutes, I got up and said: “I’m going up to my room, which is 432. You two have a chat among yourselves and decide if you want to go ahead with this. If you think it’s not for today, that’s fine, you can just leave and I will be ok. But if you want to go ahead, I will be in the room with a nice bottle of cold bubbly on me”.

I went up to my room and got the bottle from the fridge, opened it and poured a drink. I was just wondering what was going to happen when I heard a light tap on the door. I walked over and they were standing there. I called them in said I was really pleased they had come up. I got two more glasses and poured them both a good drink. Jim sat in the chair by the window and Karen on the bed.

After we had all had a drink, I walked over to Karen and took her glass from her hand and put it on the desk. I reached down and pulled her to her feet and into my arms. We immediately began kissing and I felt her relax into me as she opened her mouth to allow me to put my tongue in. It was a very passionate kiss and I felt her breasts against my chest as I knew she must also be feeling my stiffening cock as I was becoming aroused. As we snogged, I was also kissing her neck and she was moaning softly. I reached between us and started to undo the buttons down the front of her blouse from the top to the bottom, letting it fall open to reveal she was wearing a black and blue lace satin bra enclosing a lovely pair of firm tits, with nipples clearly visible. I slid the blouse off and draped it over the chair behind me.

I caressed those lovely tits rolling her nipples between finger and thumb gently. She was loving it. I pulled my shirt off. Reaching behind her waist I found her skirt zip and gently tugged it down, allowing her to step out of her skirt. What a gorgeous sight I saw. She was wearing a matching pair of boy style black and blue satin lacy pants and a pair of black lace topped hold ups. At this my cock was rock hard up against my stomach. Wanting to see more of this lovely body, I reached around and undid her bra clip, and pulled her bra off to throw onto the chair. She was now almost naked before me, this lovely young woman.

I pulled her towards me and the bed, tugging off my trousers in the meantime. I just had my boxers on although they didn’t cover much, as my cock was almost poking out of the waist band. I led Karen over to the bed and we both lay down, Karen on her back and me beside her. I had almost forgotten about Jim who was sitting in the chair with his cock out wanking. He got up to follow us to the bed but Karen waved him back to the chair.

Lying next to Karen I hungrily sucked on her breasts I slid my hand down her stomach and into her panties and down into her slit and my god, I could feel she was soaking As I moved my middle finger in and out and over her clitty I felt her tense as it responded to my touch. She was ready and lubed for some serious action. Leaving her velvety cunt for a second, I took her panties at the sides and slid them down as she lifted her bum to help. I got my first glimpse of her lovely cunt, neatly trimmed with slightly protruding inner lips glistening pink with her moisture. Waiting no longer I moved over her as she parted her legs and initially started rubbing my hard dock up and down her wet slit. Finding the hole, I gently pushed it slowly in as I was looking into her face. She groaned slightly, whispering “ that is gorgeous” Pushing my cock up all the way in, I just held it there, letting her feel the thickness before slowly pulling it out and then back in fully. This I kept up for a while. She had her eyes closed, concentrating on the sensation it was giving her.

The pleasure it was giving me was great too, the lovely feel of her velvety cunt. I changed my position, moving onto my knees and elbows so my cock was at a high angle and pressing on her clit as I fucked in and out of her. This she loved and I could see it begin to build her orgasm. Not wanting her to cum too quickly, I changed to my favourite position, with her legs bent and me at right angles under them with my cock going in sideways. I love this as it gives really deep penetration and that was what Karen needed. In this position as I was fucking her I could massage her little clitty so as I was fucking her I could bring her to a great orgasm. I could her building to her release and as she did I increased my strokes to bring my orgasm on too; as I started to pump spurt after spurt of rich spunk right to the top of her cunt. As I spunked, I just held my cock right up her as she tensed as waves of orgasm gripped her.

After we came she just wanted to lie there with my spunk in her so that is what we did for a while, as we got Jim to pour us a drink. During this time I kept my softening cock in her cunt to stop the spunk flowing out.

There was more that night which I will write up as part 2. Please let me have some feedback so I can know whether to put in more detail or less. Let me know if you like the writing, which was essentially true.