Written by First time three some,

16 Mar 2013

This is one of them tales that turns most men on, a number of years ago my wife and i were going through that time in all married couples lives when every thing to do with sex is the same, my wife has a great body, very fit, nice neat tits, and a great arse, Well she saw a advert in our local paper saying that this man wanted a lady to do a little photo work, and has she had done a little modeling work in her past thought why not give it a go,So they meet up acouple of times and did a few photo sessions ,

starting with fashen then getting sexy the more times they meet up, they were having a quite drink after one shoot when he surgested she went in the toilet and remove her very thin see through nickers, She said at first she was a bit worried, but did go and remove them, when she got back to were they were sitting, he was to ask her to slowley open her legs, and he would have a quick look, well she said the look on his face was great,from then on when they meet up all her work was in the Nude and she was paid very well. after a few weeks it he asked if i would like to come to one of there sessions, I love seeing my wife in the Nude, but thiught i would feel strange with her being nude and another man telling her what to do, but after we had a good talk would give it a go, Well we meet up in a Great hotel, His name was John, and after a social drink. She went up to the room and john and i had a talk,he told me that my wife had agreat sexy body,that turned him on so much,

well when we got to the room he booked, My wife opened the Door in only a Towel,that she let slide to the floor, at this she undid Johns trousers, and while John rubbed her little tight pussey. she tuck out his Cock.well it was a nice size but about 4 inches thick.I could see she was in the mood to have a great sex session with John and i would be able to join in if and when i wanted,John was worried that i might not like my wife being with another man, but i must say what was going down was so very sexy, after she had removed his thick cock she sterted to kiss and play with his balls,I removed my cloths and John just lifted her up in the air and sat her on a table in the Room and while i just stood and starred ,

he slid his cock into her wet slit,and started to give her a slow and easy fucking, after ashort time John, asked her to get on the bed and while i kissed and played with her tites her pushed his nice thick cock into her from behind, i heard her sigh with pleasure, nad the look on her face was great, The steady pushing of his cock into her wet pussey,after that she went to shower and was joined in there by John again and again he gave her a good Fucking,

what agreat evening for us all. So John if your still out there please get in touch,We would love to meet up again with you,By the way John we are from the Midlands and he is from Scotland,