Written by AlKaz

26 Nov 2017

It took about four weeks before we arranged a met with Mark and Anne. We drove over to theirs both keen for a new experience from what we suspected a couple certainly not new to the swinging scene as we had chatted on the phone and internet winding each other up.

Kaz had put on a tee shirt with leggings quarter cup bra and matching thong myself shorts and shirt . They lived in a large detached town house certainly not overlooked.

Mark greeted us at the door wearing just a robe and ushered us to the living room he looked fresh showered . “Anne’s still showering” he explained “we got held up in traffic returning from our son’s place. I’ll go and dress” “If you must” said Kaz cheekily With that he closed in for a snog and grope Kaz finding him as we suspected naked under the robe. Mark’s hand soon into the back of her leggings squeezing her cheeks. “You randy old bugger” Anne appeared jokingly chiding her husband She had shorts and shirt no bra though. Kissing me on the cheek she closed on Kaz from behind as Mark lifted her tee shirt off Anne pushed a hand down the front of Kaz leggings given Kaz gasp he fingers straight to the clit. I moved on Anne’s rear dropping to my knees pulling the shorts to her ankles she stepping out of them. No knickers. So I proceeded to run my tongue along her crack as she parted her legs allowing my hand to proceed to her smooth pussy her wetness allowing an instant two fingered assault.

Despite my ministrations Anne unclasped Kaz bra Mark latching onto her nipples in turn. Anne removing her hand from Kaz leggings her husband replacing her Kaz reciprocating wanking his cock furiously. Anne turned around my fingers removed but presenting me with her pussy at face level an interesting sight her labia some of the largest I’d seen even on the net I sucked on each in turn then sampling her slit and its juice before circling her clit protruding from its hood waiting to be sucked and nibbled on. Anne grasped the back of my head beginning to grind her hips against my mouth as her orgasm hit with an increase in wetness but not a squirt I’d get from Kaz or Sue. She pulled me up dropping to her knees pulling my shorts down she swallowed my cock in one urging me to fuck her mouth.

I got the chance to study the other two they had moved to the couch and were locked in a 69 position. Anne sensed too much of a good thing and she’d get a mouthful standing she took my hand leading me to the stairs I followed studying her arse. Entering the bedroom I removed my shirt and at her direction lay across the bed as she mounted me pushing straight down enveloping my cock in as Kaz had commented at the dogging meet a not too tight pussy Anne began to ride me and after a few minutes the others appeared Kaz pausing to tongue my balls but then the surprise Mark approached I suspected a double up Anne’s arse as we’d seen dogging however ( Kaz told me after he’d told her of this) he pushed himself in alongside me into her pussy.

I wasn’t too phased by this as I had ,had cock on cock experience with Mike when we’d dp’d and slipped in and out when fucking Kaz and Sue and They’d rubbed us together when sucking. Anne began to groan out another cum Kaz having stood watching Anne take two cocks into her pussy then joined us on the bed offering her tits for sucking and pussy for fingering as rhythm found we fucked Anne.

The sensation of her wetness combined by the feel of Mark next to me was becoming too much Anne was urging us encouraged by Kaz to give her our spunk my sap was beginning to rise as I felt Marks cock begin first to swell then throb as he began jetting his load into his wife triggering me as I joined him our spunk combining and pouring out over myself as I was the one on the bottom of the pile of now sweating bodies. I lay there marvelling at the sensation of a cock to cock orgasm Anne rolled off as Mark withdrew Kaz diving onto my wilting cock doing the cleaning duties Mark doing the same on Anne’s mess Each of our partners savouring the mixture we offered.

We sat back recovering Mark and Myself needing a short breather Kaz spoke. “Christ I must try that” Anne sat up “ You need a bit of stretching first” Lay back kegs open” she ordered She began to kiss Kaz her hand stroking her nipples then her mouth lowering to suckle each in turn kissing and nibbling as she went I was sitting enjoying watching Anne’s seduction of my wife Mark undoubtedly proud of his woman’s skills at work.

Anne’s left hand moved down stroking along the length of Kaz slit then two fingers inserted moving gently up and down as she also flexed them. Then a third added Kaz began to scream her cum Anne allowed her to subside but didn’t remove her hand as Kaz hip thrusting stopped she gently added a fourth as her thumb fan over her clit gently circling Kaz little button her fingers now up to the knuckles then still gently flexing.

“Relax” Anne said softly as her thumb now began to join the rest of the hand slowly and very gently Kaz just lying back totally relaxed in her post orgasmic bliss trusting this woman who was clearly an expert at this craft. A few more minutes and her hand was wholly inside Kaz vagina and she began gently flexing her fingers again. Kaz began to groan thrusting her hips with the movement Anne’s hand now coated in the lubricant Kaz was producing flexed more her fingers beginning to slowly clench to a semi fist as another orgasm sent Kaz screaming over the edge as she came down this time Anne removed her hand licking Kaz deposit then lowering her mouth to briefly tongue the now gaping pussy before her………….TBC