Written by keeepa

6 Mar 2010

I suppose we all have surprising and, by definition, unexpected sexual adventures in our past where to our amazement, opportunity and curiosity coincide. It was a few years ago that it happened to me whilst I was on a cricket tour of the Cotswolds.

The Cotswold region of the England looks how the rest of the world thinks of England, yellow sandstone villages, tea shops, old fashioned Pubs, and village streams crossed by arched bridges, just the image that Americans in particular love.

We were staying in Bourton on the Water at a small pub and as is the way with all male sports tours generally having a very alcoholic time, noisy but good humoured.

The night it started we were, as usual, sitting in the back bar boisterously going over the day’s game when the landlord came over and introduced Etti and another American couple to us, and asked us to explain cricket to them. Etti was an American woman in her late 30’s who was touring England alone and, with the other couple, wanted to chat and get some “local colour!”.

“We just love your accents and wanted to know about cricket and where do you keep your horses?”


“The horses you need to play cricket!”

It was going to be a long night!

We had a great night teasing each other about our respective country’s short comings and parted merrily (for merrily read drunkenly!) to our respective beds.

The next day Etti and I bumped into each other in the village and wandered around chatting and watching the ducks. I bought her tea and scones in an old English tea room, and explained the importance of the milk going in first.

There’s a passage-way that leads from the town to the car park and then onto some fields and in that lovely warm mid summer’s day we walked intending to wander through the fields and back to the pub in good time for the afternoon’s game. I hadn't really noticed her dropping behind me and when I finally turned she said,

"I'd like you to kiss me" put like that, how could I refuse? Kissing her lightly on the lips I ran my hand down from her neck and gently onto her breast and then down to her waist, our tongues touching lightly.

We walked through the car park hand in hand enjoying the sun on our faces, following a path between trees until we reached a gate to a large paddock and, instead of going through, she broke away and leant on it and together we watched two horses lazily walking round the field, tales swishing, vainly trying to brush away the flies.

I stood behind her and put my arms around her, this time with my hands underneath her top, feeling the warmth of her naked stomach, and kissed her lightly on the back of her neck as she pushed back against my erection. I moved my hands up and cupped her full breasts through her lacy bra, tll nuzzling her neck.

She turned and we kissed again, deeper this time and I moved my hands down her body, hands flat, fingers along the outside of her waist thumbs together over her naked tummy, then further over her skirt, until with my thumbs I felt her pubic mound and a fraction further the softness and I pressed with my thumbs, and she pushed back.

She reached down and traced my erection with her fingers through my jeans before fumbling and failing to undo the zip. I eased away and carefully undid the zip, gratefully releasing my now very hard cock. Her hand was warm as she enveloped me, looked down, staring intently.

“You’re circumcised! Why?”

“No idea! It happened when I was a baby; it’s what they did then. Why? bother you?”

“Not at all” and she moved her hand up then down again, still watching intently.

“Is it different to an American one? Probably smaller I suppose!”

She laughed and we kissed again, sensuously!

The sound of someone walking down the path broke the moment and we pulled apart and giggling, adjusted our clothes, pushed the gate open and walked slowly back to the pub.

Playing cricket that afternoon took a lot of concentration, and as usual we returned after the match with the opposition to the pub and sat for yet another evening drinking and talking cricket. For a while I looked around hopefully but she wasn’t there and after a while I gave up looking and concentrated on my beer and it wasn't until around 10 pm that she appeared alongside me touched my shoulder and said in that soft American accent

"Hi how was your day" and without waiting for an answer, went and sat with the American couple.

By 10.30 the smoke (remember the days when pubs were full of smoke?) was getting to me and Etti looked totally engrossed in her conversation so I finished my drink and left..walking out of the pub in to the warm night enjoying the clean air and star filled night. I was walking across the courtyard to my room when a voice said,

"Leaving without saying goodnight?"

"You looked busy and it’s smoky"

"Fancy a walk?"

We wandered slowly through the by now almost deserted village, listening to the water babbling , walking chastely apart until we came again to the dark passage at the end of the village where it was almost totally black.

I put my arm around her shoulder and she tensed,

"I don’t know you, you could be a rapist"

I turned her round and guided her back in to the centre of the village and laughed,

"Cricketers aren't rapists" I felt the tension go out from her shoulders and she relaxed as we sat down on a bench the night warm, the sky clear. Turning she leant in towards me and we kissed again. Her tongue ran lightly across my lips and I touched it with mine.

I felt her breasts through her thin summer dress, expecting to feel again her bra but instead I felt that wonderful softness that is the female breast, her nipples were erect and as I caressed them her kisses became harder and her tongue moved deeper in to my mouth.

I undid her buttons and slipped my hand inside to hold her full warm breast; she stopped kissing me and leant back against the seat, as I gently caressed her breasts, rolling her nipple of one between my thumb and finger, the other nipple deep in my mouth.

Straightening and pulling my hand out I ran it down outside of her dress, over her tummy, onto and over her pubic bone and down to the hem of her dress and slowly back upwards underneath. Her thighs were warm slightly open and she shivered at my touch.

I looked at her, asking permission I suppose, but her head was back, her eyes closed, leaning over I kissed her taut neck.

My fingers reached the silk of her panties and I could feel the warmth, still on the outside I pressed gently downwards onto her clitoris. After a while of not pressing but not moving I eased the pressure but she pushed up and her legs opened, inviting. Slipping my finger into her panties she was wet and I teased her gently, her thigha opened a wider and she countered my movements with her hips, her breathing deep mouth open, tongue busy, searching.

Distant voices getting closer interrupted us and we sat up and smiled,

"Come on, lets walk" she whispered, and laughed again as I struggled to straighten my erection that threatened to burst out of my trousers.

On the left as you leave Burton is the cricket ground, black and deserted at this time of night and we went through the gate and stopped in front of the pavilion. For a while we watched the stars without talking just standing close.

"Do you have a fantasy?" she asked,

"No not really"

"Not sleeping with two women or being tied up?"

"Again no! I'm very boring..What about you?"

"To be made love to by two men!"

"Oh?..Not one man twice?..Sorry I cannot help you then..What’s second best?"

"Come I'll show you" she’d obviously been waiting for me to ask.

Now I’m very ashamed of what happened next! She walked towards the darkest part of the ground onto the actual cricket square! I hesitated and wondered whether to explain that this was hallowed ground but even I realised how stupid this would have sounded to an American. Instead I said,

"What do you want me to do?"

"Just stand there, put your arms around my neck, and don’t move"

"Is this going to hurt?"

"Shush don’t move"

She looked into my eyes for a few seconds as if finally deciding, and then I felt her hands move downwards. I was expecting her to undo me but she lifted the hem of her dress and I felt her moving.

She was masturbating while still looking without expression in to my eyes.

It was eerie as she rubbed gently at first but then movements gradually became more and more frantic, the tension lines on her neck stood out as she tried to remain expressionless, but suddenly it was too much and she climaxed, her mouth opening in a sob and her knees giving way, and I supported her. After a few seconds she looked at me,

"Am I naughty?"

"Not at all"

I think it was the wrong answer!!

She smiled and held me, then lifted her dress and took down her panties and, with me holding her hands, she slowly dropped down and laid back. My immediate concern that we were still on the already cut wicket but it was too late now and I undid my trousers, releasing my erection,

As I knelt between her open thighs she reached for me, pulling me towards her, then stopped.

“Do you have anything?”

“You mean a condom?”


“No! Men like me don’t carry condoms; we never have that sort of success!”

She looked up at me, my cock in the palm of her hand, her fingers around my balls, paused and then guided me into her! Just the end and then stopped. I could feel her using her cunt muscles to squeeze and draw me in, the sensations intense and I wanted to push but she wouldn’t let me, stopping me by holding my hips. Then a little more, still being squeezed, exquisite sensations, until suddenly she lifted her hips and I slipped all the way in. Still she held me and caressed by balls with her fingers and inevitably I came, it was so intense I cried and she held me into her neck and we lay there. Then I knelt up found my handkerchief and dried her,

“Give me that!” and she put it in her handbag

After a while we stood up, kissed and walked back hand in hand to the pub.

“Weren’t you worried about me not having a condom?”

“No! Had you had one I’d have misjudged you, the fact that you didn’t confirmed that you don’t go out looking for sex!”

I should have been worried about disease; in truth I truly hoped we hadn’t damaged the wicket! She invited me to her room but I declined, I know these small hotels, there are no secrets.

I saw her next morning at reception she looked round, smiled, waved and left.

But she’s been with me since!

I was out second ball,