Written by Metal Mike

3 Dec 2016

I read the story written about a month ago about Roy and his wife's adventures at a Sacred Rose sex party, it brought back many fond memories of all the times that I too visited the basement flat on the Warwick Road. Over a period of nearly eighteen months I was a regular and probably went there at least once a month. At the time my office was only three tube stops away from Earls Court so it was quite easy for me to arrange to take an extended lunch break so that I could get to their midday party.

There was one small error in Roy's account, the name of the hostess was not Kay but Kaylee, she was a lovely bubbly, shapely woman with great firm tits, not only was she the usual hostess but she often stripped off and joined in with the other girls in the bedrooms. I remember having sex with her on more than one occasion. I too witnessed her party trick, in fact one afternoon while I was between her legs shagging her I was taking a long time to cum, not because I was some sort of stud but a short time earlier I had my balls drained during a session with one of the young Brazilian girls. Suddenly Kaylee told me to move away off her but I was too slow and took the full force of her squirt on my chest and face, much to the ammusement of the other people in the room.

Most of the girls at the parties were very attractive Brazilians but my favorite was a Romanian porn star named Roxanne who was occasionally there. She always gave me the most fantastic deepthroat blowjobs and always swallowed.

On several occasions while I was there we were joined by couples. I remember one party had been going for a while but I was sitting in the lounge having a drink while waiting for one of my favorite Brazilian girls to be available. A middle aged couple turned up, they were both very smartly dressed, he was short and very slim while she was taller and quite stocky. He sat quietly in a chair in the lounge while she disappeared to the bathroom. When she returned she was stark naked, carrying her clothes which she handed to her husband. She had a full figure with lovely soft breasts and a fine bush of blond hair between her legs.

She came over to me and took my hand and the hand of a younger man sitting next to me and without saying a word she led us into the bedrooms . The large double bedroom was already occupied by four naked men who were fucking and receiving blowjobs from two girls. So we stopped at one of the single beds in another room. She sat on the bed and pulled open the sarongs that we were always issued with when we arrived and went to work with her hands, lips and mouth on our pricks while we both played with her tits. Her husband who was still fully dressed, also came into the room and sat in a chair next to the bed . When we were both hard she lay on her back, parted her legs and asked which one of the two of us was going to fuck her first.

The guy next to me said I could be first and then her husband handed me a durex from the large pile that was on a small table. I put it on and got on my knees at the foot of the bed, I pressed my face against the soft blond hair above her sweet smelling fanny and flicked the tip of my tongue over her clit and along the cleft between her puffy lips. I then moved up on her and she reached for my prick and placed it at the entrance to her cunt. As I pushed my prick up into her I heard her husband say "Go on fuck the slut, I want to watch all of you fucking her."

She was actually a great fuck, she wrapped her legs around my thighs and pulled me deeper into her, digging her fingers into my ass as I pumped into her. All the time her husband was whispering "Fuck her, Fuck her', I looked towards him and saw that he had unzipped his trousers and was playing with his soft cock. I was really enjoying fucking this lady and was trying to make it last as long as possible but when she whispered in my ear that she loved the feel of my cock in her , I finally lost control and came strongly into the condom. I told her I was very sorry and stood up the other younger man took my place and soon I heard her crying out that she was coming. She was the star of that party, in total five men fucked her that afternoon and she blew another until he came over her tits.

After she had showered and dressed she came into the lounge with a broad grin and thanked everybody before they both left.

It was a sad day when I heard that the parties had stopped, I have tried a few others but none were as much fun and most were far more expensive.