Written by Janet

28 Nov 2010

After fucking with Wayne last week, I was waiting patiently for Nigel and Stuart to turn up; Hubby had gone to play golf again so I was eager, willing and waiting for my studs to arrive.

The lawns did not need cutting in the week, so I was down to my Saturday afternoon fuck session. I waited and waited and eventually decided to put some sexy lingerie on and went upstairs to change, I was stripped down to my knickers and there was a knock on the door. I quickly put my blouse and jeans back on and went to answer the door, Phew, it was Nigel and Stuart they’d turned up, I opened to the door and welcomed them into my home. Nigel gave me a opened mouth kiss and squeezed my arse. I offered them a drink but both declined, we sat on the settee and without any formalities the fun began, Nigel took the lead and pulled me towards him and slowly kissed me and he worked his way down my neck, I love this and nearly passed out. Stuart came behind me and steadied me holding my arse. Nigel had by now started to undo my blouse and soon had my tits out and was sucking on my big nipples, I pulled Stuart towards me and reassured him everything was okay, and we kissed really softly.

Stuart lips soon found my other tit and sucked away at my other nipple. I eventually pulled away and said let’s go upstairs. I led the way and soon I was on my bed naked, with Nigel eating my pussy and Stuart’s cock in my mouth. The next half hour was a orgy of sex with both boys fucking me in my mouth and pussy. Nigel cum first as I was sucking his lovely cock, I could feel he was about to erupt, he pulled out and sprayed hot spunk all over my face, hair and mouth. I scoped the spunk up with my fingers and licked them clean, Stu was busy sucking and licking my pussy and I soon cum again. Stu put his cock into me and lifted my legs onto his shoulders, he fucked me really hard and just be he cum he pulled out and shot hot sticky spunk all over my belly and tits, I again tasted his spunk by scooping some up with my fingers and licking them clean the rest I rubbed into my tits and nipples. We relaxed on the bed given time for the boys to recover and with a little help from me Nigel was hard again and was soon pounding my pussy, Stu got involved and sucked my tits and frigged my clit. I lay back and enjoyed the fucking.

The boys put me on all fours and Nigel entered my pussy from behind and I sucked on Stu’s cock. It felt really great being Spit roasted, something I fantasized about, anyway back to the sex, Nigel fucked me hard and pushed into so hard, I practically swallowed Stu’s cock. Both boy’s changed ends and Stu fucked my Pussy again as I licked and sucked Nigel’s cock. I sucked and licked all my pussy juice off it his juicy cock. My head was in a whirl as both boys fucked my brains out. Stuart grunted and the shot his load deep into my pussy, I could feel several squirts hitting my insides. Nigel wanted sloppy second and moved around to my rear and slipped his cock back into my soaking pussy. Stu moved around to the front and told me to lick his cock clean, I could see it was covered in spunk, I slurped away cleaning his cock. Nigel started to moan and grunted as he emptied his load into my pussy. Nigel withdrew and a big drop of spunk dropped on the bed cover. I bent down and sucked it clean. I started rubbing my clit and fingered myself and rubbed my spunky finger into my clit and I wanked like mad until I’d cum for a second time.

We cleaned ourselves up and both Nigel and Stu gave me a big kiss as they left the house.

Later when my Hubby came home he said we had a Dinner and Dance at the golf club in a few weeks for the annual Presentation night.

Thanks for all the great comments, I really love them and get off thinking you are wanking over my stories, keeping wanking.

Love Janet