Written by Janet

5 Nov 2010

I’ve just been fucked by Wayne from the Men’s Club, its been several weeks from my last session, My hubby was unable to play golf due to an injury so I’ve had to put up with his moaning and nagging. Hubby played golf for the first time in ages last Saturday and within a few minutes of him kissing me goodbye Wayne was at the door knocking it. I decided I was going to dress like a slut and went upstairs to change. I stripped off and was practically naked when the door bell rang. I grabbed a dressing gown and went down to answer the door. It was Wayne. I’ve come to keep you company for a few hours, Wayne kissed me on my cheek and came into the living room.

Great I said, and I let my gown fall open leaving me practically naked in front of him.

Wayne mouth opened as he stared at me and I heard him say, bloody fantastic. I told Wayne I was going to put something one and for him to make himself comfortable. I went upstairs and pulled out my sexy knickers, bra, suspenders and stocking. As I was pulling up my stocking I noticed Wayne at the door, he had his camera in hand and had been filming me getting dressed.

Wayne said I looked fucking great and said there was no need to dress up as he was going to undress me in a few minutes.

Wayne came over and sat by the bed and started to play the film on his camera, it showed my putting on my sexy thong knickers, Bra and suspender belt. It then showed me putting on my stocking and pulling them up and clipping them to the suspender belt. Wayne said that’s great, I asked him what he was going to do with the film, he replied show the boys.

Wayne lent forward and kissed me and soon our tongues where wrestling each others, Wayne was a great kisser and I really enjoyed him kissing me. I relaxed and Wayne soon stroked my boobs and cupped them.

I fell back onto the bed and Wayne pulled my Knickers off and buried his head into my pussy. He licked and licked my pussy until I exploded in a massive orgasm. Wayne raised his head and pulled himself up and kissed me, I opened my mouth and kissed him back shoving my tongue into his mouth, Wayne responded and pushed his tongue onto mine and could taste my pussy juice on him, I suck his tongue clean.

I pulled myself up and undone Wayne’s jeans and pulled them down and his lovely cock sprung to life. It was not as big as Stan’s but still very impressive. I lowered my head and licked his helmet and licked all the pre-cum off his cock.

Wayne pulled me back onto the bed and then he got up and got between my legs. He pushed his cock towards my pussy and he entered me with ease. I wrapped my legs around his back and he started to fuck me, Boy, could he fuck. Wayne pounded me for ages and it seemed to last forever. I could feel his lovely cock entering me, Wayne pulled out and entered me again and slowed down his pace, Wayne lifted my legs onto his shoulders and he was soon ramming his cock into my wet pussy. He pounded away and this time took me to another great orgasm and Wayne cum at the same time and filled my pussy with his hot spunk. Wayne cock began to shrink and he fell out of me, I put my hand over my pussy and caught the spunk before it landed on the bed covers. I asked Wayne to pass me a pair of knickers from my knickers draw, Wayne opened the draw and proceeded to examine and check out my panties, I said Wayne just pass me a pair quickly, Wayne handed me a pair and I plugged my pussy with them to stop the spunk from running out.

I still had a handful of spunk and was about to wipe them into the knickers when Wayne asked me to rub it all into his cock. I grabbed his cock and rubbed all the spunk onto his cock, Wayne then offered his cock to my mouth for me to suck and lick him clean.

I lowered my head onto his cock and sucked and licked away, I could feel Wayne’s cock getting bigger and harder as I kept on wanking and sucking him. I sucked what seemed forever and Wayne then cried out he was cuming and held my head and forced his cock further down my throat and fucked my mouth and screamed as he orgasmed and filled my mouth with a big wade of spunk. I swallowed the lot and licked my lips clean.

We cleaned ourselves up and Wayne left. I sat alone watching tv the my husband Dave come home early and said darling we going out tonight to celebrate him winning his first golf match. Dave tried to kiss me on my mouth, but I managed to put my cheek for him to peck.

We got ourselves ready for the night out and I dolled my self up, When we reached the local it was full, including most of the men’s club who had all been fucking me and their wives.

As the evening wore on Dave got a little drunk as all the men were buying him drinks. I wandered outside for some fresh air and was joined by a few men enjoying a fag, One of the men was Neil who had fucked me last week, Neil smiled and asked was I enjoying my self I said it was okay, but Dave is a little drunk. Neil came over to me and kissed me full on the lips and squeezed my ass, I pulled away and Neil said don’t worry, this his Nigel and Stuart they will be fucking you next week. I was soon surrounded by all 3 of them and Nigel put his hand up my dress to feel my pussy, I was dripping wet and Nigel said boy’s she is gagging for it. I pulled away and said you’ll have to wait to next week to fuck me.

The taxi dropped us off outside our house and I paid the driver as Dave staggered into the house.

We undressed and got into bed, my pussy still wet for earlier, Dave pushed close to me and I could feel his hard cock pushing against my ass, I opened my legs and Dave entered me. Dave fucked me for a few minutes and shot his load into me. Dave pulled out and fell asleep leaving me alone to wank my pussy to orgasm.

I fingered myself and rubbed my clit thinking of Nigel and how he was going to fuck me next week.

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