Written by Alan B

6 Dec 2008

My wife has just returned from her office Xmas party,each person had to spend a fiver on a secret Santa present.

She does not particularly like the male manager she had to buy for so wanted something crappy.She bought him a 2009 calender,of naked men.

All went well even the secret santa with all having a good laugh,at one point the manager with the naked calender was showing a few of the girls the picture\'s to much merriment.At one point he leaned over to my wife and whispered that he could do better than anyone on it.

My wife carried on the joke all evening and was both tipsy and horny when it came time to leave.

The manager and my wife were left waiting at the end in the customary taxi cock-up with each going in separate directions.

Being fairly cold they decided to wait in the hotel foyer it was then that my wife told Martin it was she who had bought the calender, and could he prove his claim from earlier.............

She told Martin to follow her to the ladies when it was clear.

She was in a cubicle sat waiting when the toilet door opened,heart racing,she waited until the slightly ajar cubicle door opened. Martin moved inside quickly locking the door behind him.

She stood up and they snogged passionately with Martins hands wandering everywhere.Fighting him off she pulled down his zip and encouraged him to remove his cock.

Martin duly obliged and it was apparently a good specimen,she took him in her mouth and sucked his cock.

Martin could only stand so much and pulled my wife upright,by turning her round and bending her over he rubbed his throbbing cock up and down her arse crack and cunt.

She politely guided him to her moist fanny hole and let him take her,though he did not last too long.

Tiff eventually arrived home in a very dirty mood,throwing her spunky knickers at me,

after getting naked together i rubbed the knickers all over her wet cunt smearing her own juices and Martins in both holes with numerous fingers.

She demanded to be taken in the arse with only the bodily juices as lube,as i took her doggy style up there, making her come whilst stuffing those dirty knickers in her mouth.