Written by Dai_Verse

31 Jan 2014

I left my London hotel room, it was Tuesday morning and had been working as a consultant near Trafalgar Square for a month. There is little fun in hotel living. As I closed the door, the lift opened and a tall Asian lady exited wearing running shoes, leggings and smock.

'An all nighter then?' I enquired.

'No, I have just been for a run in St James' Park.'

'That is very noble.'

'Jet Lag, could not sleep.'

'That is a real pain, you on holiday?' She was about an inch shorter than me, with smooth olive skin and hair tied back into a pony tail.

'No I work for Accenture.'

'Oh a whizz kid, hope you have a nice day.'

'You too.' I could not help but notice her firm bottom as she walked towards her room. Hey Ho another day persuading my clients' that their strategy was flawed.

That evening, I headed to dine alone in one of my favourite Italian restaurants. Pork Milano, bottle of red wine and a good book. Imagine my surprise that when I entered I saw the young lady from the morning also dining alone.

'Good evening, I hope your day was better than mine. Would you mind terribly if I join you. I hate dining alone and would appreciate some company and conversation. I would quite understand it if you would rather not.'

'No, please join me. I might compete for lousy days.' Her name was Michelle and she was from Singapore. She was in London for a week doing assessments and interviews. She was married with no children and had worked at Accenture for six years. We both had a Masters in Business Administration. The conversation was light and her company was a joy. It transpired that she had done all the tourist junkie stuff and was finding this trip a little dull.

'If you would like I could show you some more interesting parts of London tomorrow evening. Knock on my door at 7.30.' She agreed.

The next evening there was a knock at 7.30 promptly. I opened the door to be greeted by the sight of Michelle in a wrap round lilac dress and patent leather boots.

'I was not sure what to wear.'

'You look perfect.'

First we went to Gordon's Wine Cellar. One of the joys of this place, in addition to great wine, is that it is always packed so you are forced to enter your partner's personal space. I was really enjoying her company and she seemed comfortable in mine. We then went to Rules, walking across Charing Cross Road arm in arm, I could feel her small pert breast pressing against me. I explained that Edward VII, when he was Prince of Wales, used to have his own private dining room upstairs with an enclosed staircase so he could entertain his mistresses.

'Mmmm, how things have changed!' Was her comment. After we went to a little salsa club I knew. Michelle threw herself into it with gusto and did not mind me touching her body and often looked into my eyes sensually. We returned to the hotel, took the lift and then there is that awkward moment outside my room.

'Well that was a brilliant evening, many thanks. I do have a fine single malt if you fancy a nightcap?'

'Mmm, sounds good.' As I collect the glasses from the bathroom, Michelle observes that my taste in decor is very similar to hers! I pour a finger of whisky and raise a glass.

'Slainte Mhaith'

'I am sorry.'

'It Gaelic for Good Health.'

'Ah, Happy days then.' She raised the glass to her lips and sips. 'Very good.'

I reach forward and place my hands on her hips, and gently pull her towards me. Her lips find mine and her tongue runs along my lips. I break free and take her glass to put on the table while I do that she unties the side of her wrap dress, it opens to reveal that she is wearing no underwear.

'Oh My God.' I exclaim as I eye her pert breasts and shaven pussy.

'Well, the chances were that the evening would end like this and I find underwear just gets in the way.' I kick off my shoes and take this glorious creature into my arms. Our mouths lock in a passionate embrace and my hands run over her breasts and buttocks while she undid and removed my shirt.

'Just a minute, I must remove my socks....... A gentleman should never make love with his socks on' She laughed. In no time my trousers and boxers are removed and she is kneeling holding my semi erect penis.

'I thought I could feel something substantial when we were dancing. I wonder if I can get it bigger?' She wrapped her lips around my bell end, her tongue circling it. It was having the desired effect. She moved her head down my shaft and slowly withdrew. As she reached the tip she looked straight in my eyes and her head moved back down my shaft. This was repeated a few times, until she released my throbbing cock, I held her shoulders and guided her to her feet and moved her to sit on the edge of the bed. I removed each boot in turn and began to kiss her toes, my kisses slowly moved up her smooth silky legs as I reach her knees Michelle parts them to accommodate me. I can see her pussy is glistening with her juices but I restrain myself and take my time planting butterfly kisses on her inner thighs. Eventually I nibble her labia and she gives a sigh of approval. I part the lips with my tongue and start lapping her juices. Michelle starts to writhe on the bed. As my tongue concentrates on her engorged clitoris, I slip a finger in her sopping pussy, I quickly follow with a second and start to finger fuck her. She is now wriggling and moaning like mad. My other hand is making little circles around her puckered bum hole. Her breathing is really erratic and I sense that she is close to cumming so I push my thumb into her anus. She goes rigid and her body shakes,

'Aaaaagh, YOU BASTARD!' She screams as she squirts her love juices into my mouth.

She is still shaking as I climb on to the bed to cuddle her.

'Jesus Christ Dai that was fantastic. If I had known you were that good I would not have wasted a whole day!' She is caressing my rigid cock. 'Lets see if I can release some of your tension!'

Michelle climbs onto my throbbing member and easily takes it to the hilt. She just lies on my chest and uses her pelvic floor muscles to grip and release my cock. What a sensation and what control. I am gripping the sheets in agony and ecstasy. Part of me wanted the exhilaration of thrusting in and out of her vagina but part wanted this tantalising tease to continue. Suddenly, she raises herself onto her arms and starts bouncing on my prick like a woman possessed, I grasp her tits and tweak her nipples. I am am rising to meet each downward thrust and soon I feel my orgasm build. As I pump my spunk into her she grinds against my pelvis shouting 'YES YES YES'

It was a memorable if exhausting week. As Michelle said there was plenty of time to sleep on the flight to Singapore. Not quite the same could be said for the train to Devon!