Written by Wifewatcher

29 Dec 2015

A very quick account of when Michelle fucked my mate Mark after a party.

Michelle me and Mark had been at a party until about two n the morning. Me Michelle and Mark had been walking back to our house and we were all linking each other with Michelle in the middle. I was on the right of Michelle and Mark was on the left. We got to the top of our street and there was a small path that led down the side of the houses that was a bit of a short cut and we took the short cut, as we went down the lane I let my hand fall to Michelle's arse to feel it to find Marks hand already there. He was feeling up my wife arse. I ran my hand up against Michelle's right leg to the top of her thighs expecting to feel her knickers but her ass was naked. And she had taken off her knickers earlier.

Marks fingers were invading her pussy lips and we got to a point in. The path where it opened into a grassy area that led to the rugby club. I manoeuvred us along the path rowards the rugby club but Michelle stopped us just away from the street light. She bent over and said come on Mark shove that big cock up inside me you know he likes To see it fuck my cunt and cum inside me.

Mark bent Michelle over, spat on his hand and rubbed it on her pussy and fucked his hard, fat prick up her quickly. He fucked his fat cock inside her, fucking her hard and fast. He quickly built up a rhythm and he squelched his prick up her wet quim as he fucked her.

Mark came up inside Michelle,he grunted he was cumming as he filled her cunt with spunk. He pulled out and I already had my cock in hand and shoved it up my wife, a few stroke and I as cumming hard up inside her as she shot her girly cum as she came also.

I pulled out my prick and shoved a few fingers up Michelle's cum filled pussy, when they were covered with cum I offered them to her mouth and she sucked them clean..

The cum began to run down her legs on the walk back to the house, and when we got there Mark wanted to abuse Michelle outside the front door on the street, which I can share with you later if you would like?

Tell Michelle what you would like to do to her, she loves to be abused, lovingly!