Written by Wifewatcher

29 Dec 2015

We had several friends round on Boxing Day for a bit of a sesh and it ended up with Michelle being fucked by two of the guys that were left after their wives had gone home.

Michelle had a load to drink and by the end of the night me, Michelle, Brian, Paul were left in our conservatory. We had a game of operation and I suggested we play strip operation for a laugh. We could either take something off or do a dare if the buzzer sounded and if you managed to take out the organ you could command someone to do something.

I was first and being pissed as we all were the buzzer sounded and I took off my jeans.

Michelle next and the buzzer sounded and she took off her knickers under her skirt.

Brian next, buzzer and pants, Paul buzzer and pants

Next round, me buzzer and shirt, Michelle, buzzer and bra, mind she did this without taking off her blouse, amazing how girls do this, Brian, Paul, all shirts, so me and the guys are all there with undies and socks, Michelle in a skirt and blouse but no knickers and bra.

My turn and I manage to remove an organ and command Michelle to pull up her blouse and play with her nipples as we watched. She pulled up her blouse and began to play with her nipples making them hard. We had a sixty second rule and she played with both her nipples as we watched then the minute was done and it was Michelle's turn and she failed and she took off her blouse and her forty fours stood proud. Brian tried but failed and decided to take off a sock, Paul the same and he took off a sock.

My turn and failed and I took off a sock, Michelle next and she removed an organ and she commanded Brian to take off his undies, after some convincing he did and sat with a semi hard on whilst Paul failed and Michelle commanded him to take off his undies, which he said he would do only if Michelle would play with his prick. Michelle looked at me and I smiled and she reached over and began to wank Pauls prick, it became hard in her hand and we timed it until she had wanked it for a minute and he groaned when she stopped.

The game began began to become secondary now and when I failed and buzzed the guys said my forfeit should be for Michelle to suck my cock whilst I sat on the table, I say on the table and Michelle took me inside her delectable mouth and sucked me deep inside. She wanked me and ran her tongue around the end of my shaft. All too quickly a minute passed and she stopped.

Michelle now tried to remove and failed and her forfeit was to lie on the table whilst each of us guys licked her pusssy for one minute. If she came in this time her second forfeit was she had to fuck each of us in turn for one minute also.

Michelle lay on our table and pulled up her skirt and exposed her shaved and very wet and open pussy lips. I went first and pushed two fingers deep inside her and began to lick her clit as I finger fucked her cunt. I fucked another finger up inside her and stretched her pussy whilst sucking her clit but all too soon the minute was up and it was Brian's turn.

Brian opened Michelle's labia very wide with his fingers as we watched and spat on his right hand and began to insert four fingers deep inside Michelle's cleft. He also began to suck her clit deeply into his mouth. He inverted his thumb and began to shove that up her wide open and wet and willing very wet cunt.

Michelle legs began to shake but Paul stopped Brian saying his minute was up and it was his turn now.

Paul opened Michelle's pussy with fingers from both his hands and opened Michelle's cunt wide open. Paul just kept opening her pussy wider and wider and we could see deep inside her. He then bent his head down and flicked her clit with his tongue whilst inserting both his hands inside Michelle. He pushed eight fingers up her as he flicked her clit and Michelle shouted she was going to come.

Michelle's legs began to tremble as her orgasm began to rip thru her. Michelle began to come, her orgasm raged through her and she began to squirt jets of come over Pauls hands as she came.

He covered her quim with his mouth and captured her juices as she came into his mouth. Her legs jerked and quivered and her arse and belly jellied about as she came hard against Pauls mouth. He drank her juices deep and she orgasmed heavily as she shouted she was cumming. Her forfeit was to now get fucked by us all.

Fuck guys tell us both what you want to do to my dirtybitch wife and we will share what happened to her cum filled cunt with you?