Written by Selrach

11 Apr 2007

Michelle's Story

I was at a hotel In Scotland last year on business. I was sitting next to a handsome older guy who told me his name was Selrach. We got chatting about life In general. He was nearly 59 years old and married and travelling on business and was going to be In the hotel overnight.

I am a forty three year old married white female and was at a conference and was staying at the hotel also. Later on we got chatting on a more personal level and things started to get hot.

I have a thing about older guys, they turn me on so the conversation was making me moist In my pussy

We arranged to meet later for dinner and drinks.. We parted company and I went to my room. I showered and got dressed In a white shirt, skirt and stockings and suspenders and French knickers.

We met as arranged and had drinks and dinner. We flirted and teased each other throughout dinner and I invited him back to my room for a drink. We went back had some more wIne and by this time my pussy was twitching for some relief.

When we got to my room we started to kiss cuddle and touch each other. I felt his cock through his trousers and it was a good length stage although he wasn’t fully erect.

He started to caress my back and his hands moved further down and lingered over my bum, pulling me closer to him so once more I could feel his cock which was now erect so I put my hands down to his crotch and slowly unzipped his trousers. While I was freeing his cock, he had moved his hands on to my breasts and was gently kneading them through my shirt and llingering over my rock hard nipples. Slowly he pushed my shirt off my shoulders exposing my bra and the aroused breasts contained in it. reluctantly I had to let go of his cock in order to get my shirt off. When my shirt was removed he was playing with my breasts which I love, he would suck and nibble them In turn through the silky material of my bra. My hands went back to his cock which was soaking wet with pre-cum. While his mouth was continuing to arouse my nipples, his hand started to work its way down to the hem of my skirt. Slowly his hand went under the skirt and started a slow teasing journey up my thighs over the sensous feel of my stockings towards my soaking wet cunt. He traced my engorged cunt lips through the material of my French knickers very gently pushing his finger into the material and my cunt. My pussy was aching and I was desperate to be fucked by him. Frustratingly he took his hand away from my cunt and moved to the fastening of my skirt, loosened it and when it dropped to the floor I stepped out of it. I caught a glimpse in the mirror of the scene, me wearing only my bra, knickers, stockings and shoes and him with his cock standing erect from his trousers, running his hand over my very aroused nipples. His hands reached behid me and expertly he undid my bra and I let it slip from my breasts. Selrach knelt in front of me and very gently prised my soaking knickers from my swollen cunt lips and down my legs and helped me step out of them, I could only imagine what greeted his eyes, my pouting cunt lips framed by my suspenders. gently he put his hand between my legs and pulled my cunt towards his lips. The first touch of his tongue on my cunt was like an electric shock which galvanised my whole body, he continued to lick my flowing cunt juices and probed further with his tongue sending me into floods of ectasy and as you can imagine this drove me wild and I had a very long noisy orgasm. He seemed surprised that I came so quickly. I told him that I’m multi-orgasmic. Selrach stood up and I knelt down

i managed to release his cock from his trousers, It was magnificent I put my hand get round it and guided it to my mouth and it felt and tasted fantastic, I licked it all over and then sucked it holding his swollen balls with one hand while caressing his cock with the other. I undid his belt and pulled his trousers and boxers down his muscular legs and off. taking off all his clothes Selrach was naked as he held me i a strong embrace and moved over to the wall. I could feel his cock pushing against my cunt. I moved so that my cunt could accomodate his raging cock. He started to fuck me very gently but I was begging him to fuck me long and hard, he started to hammer me with his cock and I started to come. My orgasms come one after the other its like I’m on a roller coaster. I was making so much noise that he stopped and asked if I was ok. I begged him to stop talking and just give me cock. He turned me around and pulled my hips back so that Iwas in a perfect position to be fucked me doggy style and I was off again in orbit. I have no idea how many times I came, but it was several. Selrach led me to the bed and the two of lay down side by side. One hand was gently stroking my twitching cunt and the other my sensitive nipples. he was still rock hard and moving to kneel over me he put his cock between my breasts and started to gently move. Anticipating what he wanted I put my hands on my breasts and pressed them against his cock. When the tip of his cock emerged from my breasts I would flick my tongue and like it was an ice cream cone. As he fucked my tits he put a hand around and down on to my cunt and started to caress my soaking fucked cunt. My hips started to buck which made his cock come even nearer to my mouth and he then let me take his whole lenght of hard cock into his mouth. Putting my tongue at the tip of his cock I was slurping the juice frlowing out of it. While sucking him I was fondling his full balls and when I felt them tighten I knew he was ready to shoot his load and very soon his spunk was spurting out down my throat and leaking down the sides of my mouth. We both collapsed in a satisified heap on the bed.

We were chatting after and he told me that he had never seen a woman have so many orgasms as I had and couldn’t believe that I could be so horny. I think I have turned him on to hotel escapades. The evening didn't end there but that is another story.

We meet up In a hotel about every six weeks now but we are a lot more adventures now but that is another story. Every time I think of how we met I start to feel horny. The guy in the Castle Hotel you know who you are, you are the best lover I have had and I thought I knew It all.

Selrach's Story

I am a white 59 year old businessman, considered not bad looking and have a penchant for sex. Earlier this month I was on business in the East oi Scotland and staying in a very nice hotel. There had been a conference on Employability in the hotel that day and some of the delegates were still hanging around.

I checked in, went to my room which was palatial, changed and went back down to the lounge to get a newspaper and catch up with the news. While reading in my newspaper I was slightly aware of two females taking the seats opposite and having a conversation about the conference. After half and hour one of the females left and I looked away from my newspaper to see what the female that remained was like. I was not disappointed. She wsas in her forties wearing a dark jacket over a light blouse and a tight dark skirt. Her hair was dark and she has a lustful look on her face. The clothes she was wering gave a tantalising glimpse of the swell of her breasts and a nice expanse of thigh. She introduced herself as Michell and went on to say she had been at the conference and had decided to take advantage of the conference rate and stay the night, I introduced my self and we made polite small talk, but all the thime I could feel a rising pressure in my crotch. All the while we spoke I was trying to convey to her my availability for an evening of sex if shelso desired.

After sometime she said she was going to her room to have a bath and get changed for dinner. I asked her if she had a companion for dinner and when she said no, I asked her if she would mind my company and she agreed.

We both left the lounge and went to our seperate rooms. I could not help thinking about what might be and my cock was semi-hard and I could feel it juicing up. When I got to my room, I stripped and ran a deep hot bath. As I lay submerged my hands started to caress my cock and balls and as I closed my eyes I mentally stripped Michelle. My cock was really hard and as I stroked it I could feel myself getting very near to coming. It took a effort of will to stop.

After getting changed I went sown to the lounge. Michelle hadn't came down yet so i ordered a sparkiling water and sat down to wait. It wsn't long before Michelle appeared. She was wearing a white blouse which showed a nice amount of cleavage , a skirt down to her knees and what the male chauvinist in me hoped were stockings. The evening progressed and as we sat having dinner the conversation was getting slightly more personal and horny. I asked Michelle if she stayed in hotels often and she replied that she liked male company, interesting conversation and sharing it with someone who knew what boundaries were all about.

When the meal was finished we sat in the bar having coffee and flirting I was certain i could see her nipples had swollen and were prominent through her blouse. I was going to order another round of drinks when Michelle asked me to her room for a drink. I accepted with alarcity and accompanied her to her room. We were no sooner in the room with the door closed than I pulled her to me and started kissing her. No doubt she could feel my hardening cock against her thigh so I started to caress her breasts through her blouse. Even through the thickness of her bra and blouse I could feel every pimple of her aureoles which surrounded her very aroused nipples and a slight moan escaper her lips. I put my hands down on to her well shaped bum and pulled her closer ro really feel the hardness of her cock. I though I could feel her moving her hips to rub my cock. Michell put her hands between us and traced the shape of my cock through my trousers. My next move was to bare her beautiful breasts. Button by button I slowly undid her blouse and it fell open to reveal her bra covered breasts. My immediate reaction was to kiss the bulge of her nipples and suck her through the bra material. her hands had returned to my now erect cock and Michelle started once again to rub me and no doubt she could feel the wetness flowing from my cock. She slowly unzipped my trousers and putting her hand inside them freed my now pulsating cock. I undid her bra and she shrugged so that it fell from her shoulders letting me see for the first time her breasts topped by aroused nipples. I was really aching to fuck Michelle but this journey of discovery was so mind blowingly horny I didn't want to stop. Her skirt was all that now stood in the way of me seeing her cunt, and I put my hands down under her skirt and slowly traced a path up her thighs. As my hands caressed her nylon covered thighs, I almost came when I felt the suspenders holding up her stockings. My journey continued and i felt her silk French knickers. My fingers brushed her cunt and i could feel the heat and the sense of wetness, I traced the engorged lips of her cunt, and all the time she was emitting low moans. Pressing my fingers gently into her cunt I could feel how wet she was and her legs would shake with tremors of excitement. her skirt was next to be removed, as undid the fastening and when it fell to the ground I helped Michelle step from it. What a horny sexy sight. This gorgeous horny mature women was standing legs apart panting in lust, her tongue flicking over her lips and i went to her a slowly pulled her knickers from her cunt. There was a slight hesitation as the material clung to the dampness of her cunt before finally pulling free. As she stepped from her knickers I knelt down in front of her and slipped my hand between her legs, Michelle was so wet so I put my tongue to her cunt and started to lap at the juices flowing there. She put her hands on my head and pulled my face hard into her so that my tongue and lips could lick and kiss every bit of her womanhhod. I could feel the juices running over my face as I licked her as deep as I could. Michelle started to tremble as an orgasm started and her juices increased in intensity, for several minutes she was shaking as emotion and orgasm took over her being.

I stood up and still shaking slightly Michelle undid my belt and slipped my trousers and boxers off and pulled my shirt over my head. As we stood facing each other my cock was pointed directly at her cunt and her nipples were brushing against my chest. Michelle knelt down and gently started to kiss my hard cock and caress my swollen balls. As her mouth reached the top of my cock she slightly turned her face and took my tip of my cock in her mouth and expertly sucked and licked me rolling her tongue around the tip. I could feel my balls start to tighten and new I was about to come. My cum burst from my tip and Michelle took my cock from her mouth and directed my come over her breasts. After I licked her clean we collapsed on the bed, but more was to follow but thats for another time