Written by oldfart

13 Jul 2008

I first met Deb age 37 along with my friend Paul at the Travelodge on the Tees barrage.

We had to act out a rape senario on her while her hubby videod us.

This turn out to be a bit of a disaster as both me and paul could not slap her about or pull her hair ect.

We are both gentlemen and not onto mistreating ladies.

Next meeting was just s astright foward fuck at my house when Debs was feeling randy.

However I got a call last night 12th of July asking if I was free and could I meet Debs on the sea fromt at Redcar as she had a senario she wanted to act out.

So having a quick shower I jumped in the car arriving in the car park about 7-15 pm.

Debs arrived after a cople of mins and told me she wanted to book into a hotel for the night. As there a lots of hotels in Redacr it only took us a short while to find one.

We the proceded to the room with me feeling her arse on the way up the stairs

hold up and a lovle little thong that barley coverd her arse.

Once in the room she told me that her husband had suggested she play the prostitute with me paying for her services. A twist to the story was she had to call her husband and he would instruct her what she had to do.

First of she was to sit on the bed and take out my cock , he then informed her to start sucking to get me nice and hard. After a short while he asked if I was nice and hard to which she answered yes . Next instuction was get in the 69 possition and let him lick you out while sucking his cock and lick his balls.

My did she taste good as I was enjoying the taste of her sweet pussy (must say she has a very big clit) I slipped a finger in her arse which made her almost swallow my cock.

This went on for a good quater of an hour by which time I was itching for a fuck.

But she said that she had to follow her husbands instruction .

She then informed him that I was almost cumming and had to ease off her sucking.

Next thing she sat up and slid down my belly while facing my feet , allowing my cock to slide stright into her now wet cunt.

Boy could you tell she not had a fuck for weeks she rode me like cow girl bucking and fucking. Must mention her hubby has problems and just cant service her.

For the next hour or so we fuck in almost ever position in the karma sutra.

My medical proble is I just take ages spunking so finaly she wanked me in her mouth swollowing every drop. Just as a thank you I pushed a fiver down her stocking tops, not bad price for a fuck nowadays

Alas this was not the end of the night , no her hubby informed her that he wanted me to take her out dogging.

As it was only around (-30 and still bit light we called at a cafe for a coffee utill it got a little darker.

Debs had never been dogging before and was intrested as to what happened.

So on the way to a local dogGing site at Marske about mile and half from Redcar i filled her in as to what happened.

When we arrived there were three cars and a taxi parked one car had a couple of young kids in and dont think they knew what was going on.

So parking up I told debs to take out my cock and start sucking me off.

I then switched on the interior light to give the three guy a nice view what was going on in the car.

Lifting her skirt I gave the guys a good view of her arse which by the was was commando as I made her leave her nicks off when we left the hotel.

Debs carried on sucking me off unaware that 3 guys were stood round the car wanking over her bare arse and the sight of me being blowed.

I told her to lift her head and see what was going on out side only to see one enormus cock at her side window.

The other two guys were at my side of the car and and also have a good look and wanking off.

Asking if she like what she saw she replied the guy at her side was realy big and would love to have a feel of him.

So I having contol of the windows lowered it to which a nice long fat cock was almost in her face. Debs took hold of the cock and started to wank him as he pushed his cock further throught the window. I was about to ask if she would like to suck him off but was a littl to late, she already had about half in her mouth.

She carried on wanking and sucking this guy when the other two guys moved around to her side of the car expcting the same treatment.

Giving him a good seeing to wanking and sucking she soon had him cumming .

Like the good gready girl she is she then swallowed ever drop of his spunk.

Not happy with one she proceeded to do the same with the second guy and then the third swollowing avery last drop.

Well and truly filled with spunk we returned to the hotel for the night for more fucking and sucking.

So not bad for a 58 year old guy and a sext 37 year old/