17 Oct 2015

This was one of my fantasy I had wanted to come true ,a few years ago ,it came true .I was asked by someone I was seeing at the time ,to go out in the dark at midnight and have sex on his Red car in sexy gear ,that thought alone make me very wet. as we travelled the moment I got into his car I looked at him ,with a sexy grin and we drove ,talked a little I moved his hands and guided them underneath my skirt short ,revealed a little of my black sheer hold up stockings , and nothing else but my shaven skin.as we were driving I leant over to lick his cok n balls he slowed down the car ,I stopped then he started to play with me I opened my legs right up on to the dash ,he couldn't take his eyes off me ,powerful passion

He finally stopped the car ,we faced each other and both getting very very aroused Exstreemly wet his hard cok and my ass he loved he told me to get out of the car and lay on the bonnet ,I was so wet and the antisipation was driving me wild for him,as he slapped my ass a few times it vibrated across my swollen lips ,his fingers now reaching inside me deeply almost took my breath ,I felt such urgent urges for his body to be as close as he be now. As he entered me slowly at first, his hardness pushing passed my lips firmly my whole body was tingling from head to toe i felt like my legs were going to go from underneath me ,he speeded up the tempo of thrust for a while then slowed them down a bit again because it was sooooooo prelonged when he shouted I'm ready for Cumming I felt such a serge of energy rush through me filling me with Exstreem desire for more ,now his thrusts were more urgent than before lifting up my leg a bit penitration became deep ,and wanting ,as he shooted all inside of me and some over my ass I came very powerfully cum squirting everywhere explosively and almost vocanic orgasm .it was something I would not forget in a hurry and still comes into my mind .still arousing me just as much .