Written by AlKaz

9 Aug 2018

Kaz and I we like two excited teenagers as it was now the 29th and Mike and Sue were due to arrive for their weekend with us. About 5.00 their BMW pulled in. Sue was wearing a button down dress that finished below the knee and tight enough to show off her magnificent tits . Kaz similar length skirt and blouse having opted for standard briefs underneath stating that a thong wouldn’t keep her dry enough while we were out at dinner . . Mike and both I in chinos and shirt. I helped Mike with their cases and we sat in our living room. Kaz had made coffee and we all chatted about the usual. We’d booked a table for 7.00 at our favourite Italian restaurant and a taxi then we could all have a drink.

Sue broke the sexual ice “ don’t know about you Kaz but my fanny’s on fire” “red hot “ responded Kaz hitching her skirt pulling her knicks to one side and inserting her index and middle fingers pulling them out showing us their coating and parting them the juice she had produced stringing between them. Sue leant forward and taking Kaz hand she sucked them clean. “You bitches said Mike” as he stood to adjust what like myself was now a full on erection “ Al and myself have to sit at dinner like this now” I stood and followed suit deliberately undoing my trousers to adjust momentarily flashing myself. “looks like we’ve got their attention” laughed Kaz. The spell was broken by the sound as the taxi pulled up and off we went to dinner.

9.30 An excellent meal as normal, a couple of bottles of wine plus a G&T each for the women and their obligatory toilet visit we headed out to our pickup point now however having swapped partners Sue reached into her dress and gave me her sodden panties “ thought I’d have a change when we went to the ladies” I took them and crushed the gusset to my face inhaling her fragrance before pocketing them Mike a few yards behind apparently doing the same. We paused snogging like two kids Mike and Kaz drew level and locked lips in a similar fashion he emboldened reaching behind and unclipping Kaz bra. We paused watching our partners then Sue unbuttoned her dress from the waist down my hand reaching in to a surprise she was now wearing a thong (I figured she’d planned this one) Sue giggled at my surprise and then groaned as I ran my fingers over the thin material covering her pussy although she had barely been wearing this for more than five minutes it was already soaking. We snogged again before walking on just as several people had come around the corner and arrived at the taxi.

Kaz and Sue sat opposite us backs to the driver Kaz undid her blouse her loose bra giving us an eyeful of the tits and her rock hard nipples. Sue legs parted pulling her thong aside a view of her glistening slit. Both women chatting as though nothing was happening. Until we pulled up, the three of them heading to the house as I stopped to tip our driver then locking the door as I entered the house . Moving to the living room Kaz and Mike were stood kissing her blouse and bra discarded on the floor Sue still dressed on her knees her husband’s cock firmly between her lips his trousers at his ankles. I stood enjoying the scene before moving behind Kaz to undo her skirt it falling to the floor she now completely naked ( no thong there) I stroked her arse as Mikes fingers invaded her slit their kiss interrupted by Kaz groans.

Sue stood I moved to her “We’d better catch up “ she said unbuttoning the rest of her dress and unclasping her bra releasing those tits. I’d followed suit we were all now naked. Mike and Kaz still standing wanking one another furiously while he now suckled on her nipples . Sue stepped up to them giving Kaz a full on snog and squeeze of her bum with an “Enjoy” “ intend to “ gasped Kaz.

Sue knelt on all fours “ just fuck me” she pleaded. Who was I to refuse kneeling behind I thrust my cock straight in with one movement and began to pound her soaking pussy only a few thrusts and she was screaming in orgasm. Her tits swinging all over the place. As she came down I pushed both thumbs into her anus triggering a seemingly multiple chain orgasm chain within her he pussy muscles milking me for all they were worth my sap rising as my pent up release from abstinence flooded her. We held position until I slipped out Sue now moving to lie on her back legs tight together retaining my sperm. I lay beside her. In our own coupling we had become oblivious to our partners activities and then realised they had moved to the couch Kaz ever practical sat on a towel we had had an audience his hand fingering her as she gently wanked his erection. It was then I noticed Mike’s cock and balls it seemed I was the only hairy one amongst us he as Kaz and Sue was completely smooth.

“My turn “ said Kaz spreading wide for Mike to move in as myself and Sue one thrust and he was up to the hilt Kaz beginning to come with his second. He pounded her pussy mercilessly while sucking nibbling and squeezing her nipples. This was awesome we usually were so wrapped up in other partners that actually having a moment to properly view a partner getting a good seeing to was a real treat and a turn on. Kaz was now going multiple Mike varying his thrusts to keep her there her legs wrapped around him she pushing back to meet him with equal vigour. Sue and I were now leant on our elbows watching Sue clearly getting as much as me from the spectacle before us urging Mike on telling him in no uncertain terms to “fuck that cunt good” and “Give her your spunk” as we saw Mikes buttocks clench as he jetted his clearly large deposit into Kaz.

They held the position until Mike rolled off Kaz copying Sue clenching her legs firmly shut. “ That was fucking amazing “ said Sue “worth the wait darling” she said to Mike “every bit” he responded. “ Now boys” Kaz addressed us “You have been very naughty. We’ve both got messy fannies that need cleaning and we don’t want you to miss a drop. Al get on with it.” I moved forward slightly self consciously as this was something we usually did alone and they’d ambushed us

Kaz spread he legs Mike’s fresh sperm beginning to pour from her pussy I crushed my mouth to her and began to lap their nectar like mixture as she stroked my hair then grabbing my head harder as her orgasm built I continued my cleaning until I’d got as much as was possible. I got up Sue closing for a kiss her tongue also running around my lips savouring the mixture I was coated in.

“Your turn now dear” said Sue Mike lay down on the carpet head towards us as Sue straddled his face her arse and pussy now on display she squatted over him giving us a view of my sperm dripping over Mike’s face and into his open mouth before lowering herself to give him his prize and herself another screaming orgasm Kaz and I sat spellbound at their display Kaz almost absentmindedly playing with my now hardening cock as Sue was clearly suckling on Mike’s .

After a few minutes and another Sue orgasm I moved and positioned behind again Mike raising Sue so I could slip in again cheekily probing her anus before slipping into her pussy fucking her with a steadily increasing rhythm conscious Mike was once again tonguing my shaft and balls as before. I must admit I’d dwelled on this and had decided it was pleasant and I’d go with the flow whatever he attempted and once I came with a lesser amount he took my penis head into his mouth running his tongue around it sucking the last drops before once again drinking from Sue’s pussy. We positioned next to them in a similar 69 position and Mike now thrust into Kaz The view being amazing watching his shaft easing in and almost out and his ballas swinging as he steadily fucked her to orgasm. I decided to copy his actions and tentatively ran my tongue along his shaft Mike groaned so I continued occasionally licking his scrotum until I saw his shaft begin to tense as he emptied into Kaz she pushing herself down feeding me some very fresh sperm but preventing me from returning the favour.

We all came down to normal it was now 11.30 and it was hugs all round and we headed off to bed Kaz and myself cuddling together and both soon asleep.