Written by AlKaz

28 Aug 2018

We all retired after the session Mike and I first the girls first going to the wet room to clean up. I had settled in bed when Kaz appeared a while later with a towel wrapped around her . “ Enjoy that” she asked “ too right. Didn’t you” “Oh yes. I’ve wanted to try it since Sue told me about it. However they hadn’t told all. We have our regular fuck friends so do they . Mostly couples and sadly for Sue few bi ladies she only has managed one occasional girl on girl fuck. However they are Involved with a Menage a Trois . “ She finished drying herself and pulled on her nightshirt..

My appetite was now wetted. “Do tell” “they met them at a house party. Apparently they were sat on a couch having a soft fondle with another couple when they appeared and sat opposite. They are two guys and a lady Karen her husband and their friend / live in lover.I didn’t get their names . Really nice people . The lover proceeded to fuck Karen then the husband straight after before the lover did the cleaning duties drinking all their combined mixture then included cleaning the husbands cock. Later Sue was fucked by the lover and Mike was cleaned by the husband after fucking Karen. Mike then sucked the lover clean. He’s really got a taste for cock now “ she added “that explains a lot “ “ I think they kept this from us in-case we freaked out. “ “No probs here” I said “I haven’t thought he’s gone too far yet come to it I unsure how far is too far anymore” I said “ thought not with you letting Mike suck you a little Ooh that’s soo hot watching him suck your cock and you both seemed happy drinking each other’s fresh cum from us.

They got their number at the party and have met several times since and have both been spitroasted by they guys and she’s enjoyed all three cocks at once so has Karen who unfortunately for Sue isn’t bi herself. On their last two visits Mike has fucked and sucked with them they have a real no holes barred meets now”

Although tired this had brought my cock to a semi state at around ¾ mast Kaz straddled me my cock even as it was slipping straight in to her. “ Your loose” “yes Sue was fisting me in the shower after licking me clean . Don’t worry Mike will get the same if they are fucking I gave as good as I got “ She ground down on me bringing herself off to a couple of orgasms before we separated and drifted off to sleep.

I was up first next morning and went to the wet room rather than disturb Kaz by using our en-suite. I was still contemplating last nights happenings and Kaz tales about Mike and Sues fuck buddies. I have to confess I’d enjoyed everything so far and decided to let things progress if Mike continued he could and I decided I would take his lead but be prepared to copy deed for deed.

I had a piss then switched on the shower then Mike appeared . I’d left the door open Kaz and I never bother and I hadn’t given it a thought “you mind “ “no be my guest” he took a piss himself then stood waiting. Our shower area is large and twin headed I took the bull by the horns “ join me if you want” He stepped in I passed the gel having soaped myself he copied I noticed his cock was growing my own beginning to stir. But when he turned and his now erect member brushed against my buttocks I hardened rapidly. “ Sorry mate” “don’t worry” my back to him he couldn’t see my cock. I stroked myself turning round he was doing similar .

Mike reached out his hand grasping my cock I moved mine giving him full access he wanked me slowly his other still caressing himself. I groaned as his thumb traced its way around my helmet stroking the tip now dribbling with my precum. “Ok” he said questioningly I didn’t speak I reached across and my left hand joined his on his cock I grasped him and copied his actions he had done to mine and it was his turn to give a hiss of breath as I thumbed him tracing around the underside of his bell end squeezing slightly harder drawing his precum shearing it over the entire helmet. We stepped back and swilled the soap from our bodies and turned the shower off. I’d said to myself he could take the lead but in my state I wanted to taste some cock I lowered my head and ran my tongue over its purple swollen end in a similar action to my hand tasting first hand his juice then I took the entire head into my mouth sucking but flicking the end with my tongue. My hand still grasping the shaft then tonguing along its length and licking his hairless balls before carrying on suckling the head precum now leaking copiously into my mouth. I’m not Kaz or Sue but when he gently pushed I did manage about a third of his length at one point.

Mike reached under my chin pulling lightly I took the hint and stopped my ministrations and straightened. He then began to suck me, harder than my careful actions really milking my precum and also swallowing most of my length unconcerned as I began moving fucking his mouth with my full length his left hand caressing my sac while his right now stroking my arse dipping in seeking my hole his index finger finding its spot gently stroking and caressing before pushing in as I relaxed soon getting himself to a second joint . Mike was clearly practiced and kept me to a point without tipping me over. I just stood luxuriating in the situation.

Mike stopped and stood up “ I’d love to continue this and we will but we’d better get back to the girls and to be honest Sue would be gutted not to be a spectator she loves watching me play with a bloke. Are you Ok at that.? He asked . “ sure Kaz would be similar even though this is all a first for me. After all its nice watching them perform their magic on each other who are we to deny that “ We still stroked each other.

“Pardon me” said Mike as we headed back to the bedrooms” I’m going to fuck my wife but you came close then Al” “You’d have got whatever back” I answered boldly squeezing his arse my fingers dipping around his hole. “ Can’t wait” he answered...