Written by wednesday

7 Mar 2012

Continuing from my earlier post about my MIL Pat.

We agreed that she would visit me again on my day off. Pat arrived and was a little nervous, I put on some porn and at next to her on the sofa. She soon got into the swing of things as the porn aroused her, I kissed her and fondled her breasts, I've got some kinky plans for you today I told her. I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom, I'm going to fuck you where I fuck your daughter I told her. I undressed her and laid her on the bed, I sucked her nipples and fingered her wet cunt, making her suck my juice covered fingers. I pulled out my wifes 10" vibrator, your daughter used this on her cunt now I'm going to fuck you with it I said. I made her suck it to start then rubbed it on her tits before stretching her cunt with this toy, she gasped as i forced it into her unused hole. Pat was moaning as I withdrew the toy and made her lick it clean. I pulled her onto her knees and fucked her mouth with my hard cock, I then turned her around and slapped her big arse nice and hard, your my slut and will use you as I wish I told her. I then opened her arse cheeks and spat in her arse, I worked my fingers into her back passage then made her lick them. I'm going to fuck your arse and fill it with cum I said, Pat gasped 'please be gentle with me', I positioned my cock end on her ring and held the arse open I inched my cock into her hole, it hurts so much she moaned as her virgin arse was taken, I started to fuck my slut building up a fast rythym as she cried out, I pulled her hair as I powerfully took her emptying my load in her arse. I then made Pat suck my cock clean. We lay on the bed and Pat asked if her daughter enjoyed anal, she takes that big vibrator up her arse I told her and you will be soon. I kissed Pat and asked if she had enjoyed her first anal fuck, she replied that she had enjoyed the pain in a perverse way. Thats just for starters I said, I'm going to use a whip on your tits, arse and cunt and make you taste my piss. She said whatever you want from me I will do cause I ache for your cock every day.