Written by Jason

17 Sep 2008

Mate Paul was clearing out some old porn videos, most of them 'plastic' American ones where everyone makes a lot of noise for 40 minutes then pretends to cum. He offered me any I fancied....having discarded most of them as not being even slightly erotic, I found one badly labelled 'Carol's party'.

Yes, it was an early home-made vid, wobbly camera, shots of curtains, carpets, etc but through it's imperfections you could see a good-looking woman being stripped by 3 men, and clearly enjoying it. Then she turned towards camers, and I realised it was the wife of one of my neighbours!

Naturally looking much younger (I think the film was about 15 years old) she was a superb sight, firm breasts, nice hips, great bum, and really putting it about! None of the men were her husband, unless he was the cameraman. She was an energetic poser, standing legs astride, sucking one cock, wanking two others before laying back on the sofa and pulling each guy in turn to lick her cunt....which, incidently, in common with all the men was well hairy...times do change!

Then it was fuck time....still enjoying herself immensely she turned to offer her bum and honey-put to all takers....straight in, no condoms, then out, next guy in...and so it went on until a man I will call Mr.Big must have shot his load inside....having finished he moved round and offered his still-large shiny cock to her mouth, which she sucked enthusiastically, now being roundly shagged by one of the others.

At this point the video went blank for a few moments; when the picture returned all four were sitting around drinking, except Mr.Big (playing to the camera?) who was wanking furiously before dribbling his cum on her tits, although the lighting was poor and the effect lost. And that was it.

The couple still live nearby....we are not friends, but do exchange pleasantries in the street, but seeing her will never be the same again...if only I had known back then!!