Written by luckylynn

2 Nov 2009

As a fifty six year old female ,I never thought anything like this would happen to me on an aircraft but this really did last week on a flight back from New York on an overnight trip.My trip was for three days to sort out some client problems ,which all went really well and got on the BA flight back to London ,hoping to have a spare seat next to me to spread out my long legs,as i sat reading my trashy novel a youngish guy ,he turned out to be thirty two and called Jack ,sat next to me .

We passed a few comments to each other and we got on fairly well ,the flight went on and the lights went off ,I asked a steward if there was any chance of a blanket as it was a bit chilly to go to sleep,and sure enough a few minutes later he returned with one, Jack made a comment of wanting to share the blanket ,I dont know why but I said theres loads of room ,here i was a faithful married women snuggling under a blanket with this young hunk. After a short time i felt his fingers gently stroking the side of my arm ,this was so gentle through the silk of my blouse .

My moment of madness came next as my hand reached over and gently caressed the back of Jacks hand our fingers interwove and we both looked at each other ,and our eyes said the same thing ,i opened my lips and my tongue flicked across my lips telling Jack, i was up for some fun.

His hand slipped down onto my thigh and very gently his fingers stroked the top of my thigh ,the only time his fingers stopped was when he found my suspender clips ,boy did he like those rubbing them round and round ,he was so soft and was taking so long that it was so much pleasure that he was not rushing.I looked around and everyone else was sound asleep ,my hands reached over and started to stroke his thighs in return ,after along time i looked him straight in the eye and brushed my fingers over the front of his trousers,now it was my turn to gasp in pleasure ,god it felt huge ,Jacks hands now moved up and he started to stroke my breasts ,even through my blouse and lace bra his fingers found my engorged nipples and he rolled them around so lightly between his thumb and forefinger, his other hand started to undo the buttons on my blouse and he soon was easing his hand into the lace cup of my bra ,his fingers on my flesh for the first time,i was putty in his hands as he worked my nipples for ages so softly ,we had not even kissed and he could do anything to me.

One of his hands strayed down and slowly eased the hem of my skirt up ,for ages just touching my stocking cad thighs ,all the time moving up to the naked skin at the top of my lace top stockings,i could hear his breathing getting deeper ,he really liked the nylons i was wearing,finally his fingers found my by now soaking wet briefs ,he stroked the front and i shuddered and gently said yes .I said hold on and very quickly whipped my knickers off and left them on the floor. Jack now had full access to my pussy i layed back as his fingers went to work tweasing my clit ,god he was like nobody else ,and i soon found myself about to explode ,i bit into the blanket and had the most earth shattering climax ever ,my pussy soaking in juices.

After about ten minutes i came down to earth ,making sure everybody was still asleep ,i dived under the blanket and unleashed the beast from his trousers ,i had only ever sucked my husbands cock and seen about three others in my life and this was like nothing i had ever seen in my life,it was rock hard and i couldnt get my fingers round the shaft, it was cut and the big head felt amazing as i flicked it with my tongue ,he shuddered as i put my tip into the end and then sucked hard on the whole massive head bitting the glans ,sending him wild i went to town and spent the next twenty or so minutes doing every thing to him until i felt him tense ,i was about to do something i had never done before ,and i felt the first taste of his spunk as he pumped his seed deep into my throat ,and it kept coming ,i swallowed and swallowed as his hot salty spunk kept pumping into my mouth finally he stopped ,i eased myself from under the blanket and we both looked each other in the eyes, i whispered thank you to him ,and we both straightened ourselves up and rested on each others shoulders and went sound asleep .

We both woke up and gently kissed goodbye and went into travel mode and left the flight ,but what a flight