Written by dirtydenise

26 Jul 2012

There I was stood up wanking these two cocks, whilst I had the guys sucking on my erect nipples. "Kiss me" I said, with that they both kissed me on the cheeks then on my lips. It was so horny having two sets of lips kissing and both of them pushing their tongues in to my mouth. Now they were both pulling at my tits and my nipples, they were a bit rough but it was horny. One of the lads hand strayed down to my stomach,then slowly on to my panties, he rubbed the material in to me, they were soaking wet.The other lad was still kissing me and saw what his fiend was doing, he was getting more and more excited. He was pushing his cock in to my leg, so I gripped his cock tighter and he fired all his come all over my leg. I just pulled it till it all came out of his cock.He quickly pulled away and legged it out of the cabin.

The other lad was still rubbing me through my panties, he was pushing the silky material up me. I pulled his hand away, pulled my panties to one side and put his hand back on my pussy. "Finger me, ram your fingers up me hard and fast" I told him. He rammed his two fingers up me and fucked me hard I could not stop myself from cumming all over his hand. I took his hand away, and placed it around the back of my neck and kissed him gently on the lips. My tongue darted in and out of his mouth, I pushed my tits in to him and I could feel his cock nudging my pubic area. I lowered my hand and took hold of him, it was the smaller of the two cocks, but I didnt care. I sat on the bunk and made him stand in front of me. At first I kissed it on the tip then opened my mouth and slowly took it in my mouth. It easily fit in to my mouth,I stroked his balls and gently squeezed them. I could taste his precum, young and sweet. His breathing was getting faster so I took his cock out of my mouth and stoked his cock and balls. "Would you like to put it in me" dont think he totally understood what I meant so I lay on the bunk pulled my panties to one side, grabbed his cock and pulled him towards me. He lay on top of me, kissing me again, His cock was trying to find its own way in to my wet pussy. So I got it and placed it between my lips, then he slowly pushed it in to me. It might only be small but it felt superb. He slowly pushed it in and out of me. Think he was holding on as long as he could. I put my hand inside my wet panties and rubbed my clit, he was getting faster and faster then I felt him tense up and then he fired all his spunk up into me. My hand rubbed my clit harder and I came at the same time as he did.

He lay on top of me exhausted, he looked up at me and I smiled. I leaned forward and kissed him, first on the lips then his tongue found my opened mouth. It was like a first kiss, sloppy but very sexy.I couldnt believe but i could feel his cock rubbing in to my stomach. He was getting hard again. I pushed him off me and he stood before me with his cock pointing at me. I took it in my mouth tasting the mixture of both our cum juices, I massaged his balls and let him fuck my mouth. His hands were now on my head and he was fucking my mouth,slipping it in and out of it. Then he shot a second load of cum, not as much as the first time, deep in to my mouth, not wanting to dissapoint him I sucked hard and got every drop out of his lovely cock.

I stood up and dressed my self and went back to my cabin. Before I left he kissed me again and said "Merci Madame"

Going away this weekend , hope there are some nice cocks about.