Written by Misdaft

22 Oct 2015

Ok so now hubby knew my secret and fortunately we discussed loads of regions of exploration. Hubby accepted that I could do things alone if I felt the urge as long as he got the story after. That was easy and accepted by me. He suggested that he would like to become a sort of chaperone, staying in view but trying not to be seen to spoil things. That was also agreed but I failed to think how this would happen. We agreed to place an advert online to see how many replies I got and we chose the wording together. I will not repeat it because we prefer anonimity. I had to visit a few more sites to find some of the things hubby wanted to see me wearing . His taste was a bit bizarre and a fair few items were returned, but others were retained as a dressing up section, including some which i wore to a few parties at swinging clubs, which became a favourite haunt and we travelled far and wide to visit for me to enjoy the eyes of men seeing me naked. I did love to wear stockings and suspenders, a choice of many men although I did find certain difficulties with hold ups if I creamed my legs before going out.

We had a lovely time one night when we visited a dogging site not too far from us and I wandered into a wooded area dressed only in my stockings and suspenders and small heels due to the ground being soft. I attracted a group of men who followed me like I was a pied piper over to a picnic table and I told them to wank while I played with myself. I did not allow touching that night as I was highly turned on to getting as much come on my body as possible. After around ten minutes my entire upper body was streaked in splashes of come, some in my face and hair, across my lips and over my breasts and pussy. A pool gathered in my navel and then I rubbed it all over myself as it cooled rapidly on me. I felt wicked that night and watching each cock spurting made me very randy for my husband's benefit. He had watched from a short distance and said how erotic this scene had been for him. It was however not as great as my next revelation because I have been taking lessons in erotic dancing from a professional stripper and I have learned the secret of good role play.

My first performance is on Saturday night at a rugby club celebration and I am doing a stint after hours when most of the company have left and just a few members of the committee are staying on. Sounds very exciting, hubby is going to be my taxi driver that night. Now what shall I wear???