Written by Gardiner

29 Aug 2015

This is a very true story, about five years ago I was tidying up a garden for a customer in a little village called Denham in Buckinghamshire, I was busy working away when all of a sudden this lady appears at the gate, hi she said just wondered what you are doing, so I explained I was having a sort out for the customer who owned the property.

I would have been around 60 at the time and she was around mid 50's I would say, it was just a of general chit chat but with a sexy feel if that makes sense, she was wearing a fold over dress and I suspect bra less as her nipples were standing to attention, she was slim and had a nice sexy look about her which made a stir in the underpants and we chatted for some time and to be honest I was enjoying it, as she just had that appeal about her, I have kicked myself ever since this meeting for one reason only, as we were talking she asked if I would like to join her for a coffee !!!!!!!! Do you know what I said "No it's ok I have a flask in my van" now what a complete dick-head I was, for some reason I just blurted it out, instead of going Oh yes that would be nice, I maybe be wrong but I'm certain that more than coffee was on the menu that day.

It was a lesson to be learnt, but it will probably never ever happen again.