Written by Darren

26 Apr 2010

The recent stories of people being unable to return to the UK with all flights grounded reminded me of what happened to us three years ago. Louise and I had gone to the Costa del Sol on budget flights and got a cheap studio apartment for 2 weeks. Come time to go home we arrived at the airport late and although the flight had not left we had missed check in and were turned away and needed to rebook. Being early August this was not easy. Another problem soon arose, we'd both maxed our cards and all we had was about 100 Euros. No problem, ring my Dad, ask him to transfer some cash to my account and buy new tickets. I tried ringing him then I remembered he was away and hasn't got a mobile. Louise's Mum wouldn't be able to help, and there was no way the bank would extend our overdraft. We were stuck, but fortunately did have to be back for work for another 4 weeks,so rough it on the beach for a couple of nights then ring him. We decided to get the bus back to the resort and go to a bar we'd used most days to work out what to do.

It was about 6pm and we immediately saw a bloke we'd got friendly with, an ex pat called Steve who we joined. We told him what had happened and he invited us to stay at his villa on the edge of town. Louise and I were both relieved and she pointed out that we couldn't pay. "Don't worry, I'll think of a way you can repay!" he said looking at her with a grin. He drove us to the secluded villa, showed us a bedroom where we showered before joining him by the pool for drinks. Louise wore a tie side bikini showing off her slim, tanned body, the top barely covering her largish, firm 32d tits. After a couple more drinks he said "Why don't you take of your top". No big deal, she'd been sunbathing topless on the beach so he wasn't seeing anything that no one else had, a reward for inviting us. She dropped the top to the floor, revealing her tits. He kept looking at her tits and then put some music on, before asking her to dance for us. She loves dancing and stood, her tits swaying as she performed a quite sexy dance, running her hands over her body, fingers brushing her erect nipples, bending and wiggling her bum. I glanced at Steve, who was wearing just trunks and could see he was getting an erection. She had noticed and danced closer to him when he said "Take the pants off too". She shook her head. He then said "You're short of money. 50 Euros to take them off". She looked at me, I told her it was up to her. She agreed and he fetched his wallet putting the note on the table. Turning her back she undid the ties, dropping the back then, faced him with a hand covering her pussy, pulled the material away. "Move your hand, for 50 Euros I want to see your pussy". She lifted her arms, standing naked while he admired her shaved cunt and, I noticed her clitoris poking out, stiff and pink. She'd parted her legs, her pussy lips were slightly open, shiny with juices. She was turned on and enjoying this. My prick was hard and got harder when she reached down, using her finger tips on her clit, before pulling the hood back showing her now very wet, erect clitoris which she gently pulled and teased. Her breathing quickened obviously getting aroused and close to orgasm as she masturbated, not caring, putting on a dirty show for his money. Moving to a lounger, she laid back, spreading her long legs wide, her excited pussy opening, slipping two then three fingers inside continuing to wank. Steve was watching closely then said "Her cunt looks ready for some cock. She needs fucking. You better get your prick in her before she cums". I just looked at him. "Fuck Louise while I watch. Here's another 50 Euros". Louise was close to cumming, called out "You might as well help earn the money. Just get your dick in me". I was worried that I might not be able to perform but standing next to her she pushed my shorts down, took hold of my prick pulling me to her mouth. She sucked me making sure I was hard then swapped places so she was on top facing him and he was out of my view. Louise held my cock and lowered herself, guiding my pole to her hole then moved down taking me deep inside her. I'd just penetrated her when I heard several voices and Steve greeting a number of his mates (I realised he'd phoned when he fetched his wallet), telling them "You're just in time to see the tart fucked". Louise was beyond the point of no return, crying out, grunting, panting, grinding her cunt on my erection, leaning back so they could all see my cock in her cunt as we fucked. She slid up and down my pole faster and harder when her hair was grabbed and her face pulled to someones cock. A voice said "Suck on this", she greedily took him in her mouth, sucking him to the back of her throat, almost gagging as he face fucked her. She got a hand round his prick and some control, sucking him, bobbing her head on his cock as I thrust my prick in her cunt. She was close to cumming, her cunt muscles rippling and tightening as I rammed my prick in as hard as could, shooting my seed in her belly just after she orgasmed. She got off me, getting on her knees she continued blowing the blokes cock. Steve and his six of his mates wanked, watching Louise as my spunk splashed on the floor, dripping from her cunt as she sucked him to climax, swallowing some of his spunk and letting the rest dribble from her mouth onto her tits.

She sat on the edge of a lounger, with her legs open, then used her fingers to scoop spunk from her tits, then the last drops of spunk from her pussy, licking them clean. Steve, watching all this turned to his mates and said "I told you she was a right dirty whore". "She'll probably let you fuck her for 50 Euros". I expected her to tell him to get lost but she just pointed at the bloke she'd blown and said "You owe me fifty already". I'd often thought about watching another man fuck her and, when Steve had fetched his wallet earlier we'd quickly agreed that she would let him fuck her, but this wasn't what I'd envisioned. "Come on then", she said "You want to fuck me it's 50. Get your money on the table". I sat back watching as notes were thrown down and she crawled over to them sucking a cock into her mouth as she was lifted to her feet, her legs pulled apart as she was taken from behind. Gobbling one cock, her cunt stretched round another cock as he held her bum forcing his prick hard in and out of her twat. She quickly had the bloke in her mouth to climax as he shot in her mouth and on her face. She felt the one fucking her speed up his strokes then giving her his seed. He pulled out of her, a string of sperm dangling from her cunt as she took another cock deep inside. She was covered in sweat, running down her back, legs, tits and dripping from her hard nipples. She was just like a bitch on heat as she came from the hammering she was getting using her fingers on her clit to bring herself off. It was all a blur as the next two fucked her, still bent over the chair. After the fourth had fucked her, cumming in her cunt she stood, cum mixed with her own juices literally pouring down her thighs. She straddled the fifth bloke taking his prick, which was by far the largest and though she already been fucked five times and her cunt was gaping open, glistening with juices, she gasped as she felt her cunt stretching open more to take his girth. Leaning forward on top of him we could all see her engorged pussy stuffed full of his throbbing cock as she settled down slowly taking his length. She was soon groaning how big he was, how full her cunt felt then begging him to fuck her hard to make her cum. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Steve come back. He had a tube in his hand rubbing lube on his stiff cock. He stood watching for a moment, then turned her head towards him saying "Here's another fifty. I'm going to assfuck you". She smiled at him and replied "That'll cost you a hundred" as she reached back with both hands, spreading her buttocks showing her tight hole. Steve got behind her and worked a couple of lubricated fingers in her ass, pushing up to his knuckles then out slipping the tube nozzle in her, forcing lube in her bum. She was still being slowly fucked, his fingers moving in time as he loosened her tightest hole, got her ass open, eventually getting four fingers inside, finger fucking her ass, squirting in more lube as she lay there grunting, shouting for him to stuff her ass with his cock. He rested his prick against her now well stretched and lubricated asshole, slowly feeding his dick in. She cried out asking him to stop two or three times, pulling back a little, then sliding back in until she'd taken him completely up her ass. The hard cock in her cunt had been held still but when he felt Steves cock starting to fuck her ass he started fucking her again, his cock sliding out of her cunt as Steve pulled out then ramming back in. Steve was fucking her ass easily once he fully penetrated her, adding more lube, he shafted her as she built to a to an extremely loud orgasm as first she felt cum splattering inside her cunt and then shouting at him to fuck her ass harder, to fill her hole and spunk up her ass then lay shaking and shuddering as his cock pumped his sperm in her. He pulled his cock out quickly, his cum trapped inside her bum.

Afterwards she went for a quick shower, taking the money with her, before returning and sitting with a couple of the blokes, stroking their pricks erect while they both fingered her pussy, as spunk still dribbled out. They both fucked her again before she said she was going to bed. My cock was rampant again and she took hold of me pulling me on to the bed. Her cunt was still wide open and spunk filled as I shagged her slippery hole, feeling cum oozing out until my load mixed with all the other spunk inside her. We slept late and were woken by Steve who climbed in bed with us and fucked Louise while she sucked my prick. She was soon cumming and after lay on the bed playing with her clitoris when Steve said "I've got some more mates coming round tonight". She just said "Good, tell them to bring plenty of money if they want to fuck me".

We stayed for the rest of the week and Louise was fucked by about 20 or so different blokes and got quite a taste for being assfucked. We talked when we were home and she said she'd have let Steve fuck her anyway and the 50 Euros to flash her cunt was just a laugh. We both felt ashamed about her taking money but she said she had enjoyed all the different cocks filling her and the feeling of loads of spunk inside her pussy as she was fucked. Since then we have brought several men home with us for me to watch her being fucked and to join in. We have also been back to visit Steve in Spain where he got most of the blokes who'd fucked her, to a party at his villa where she took part in her first gangbang. This time for free.