Written by Dave

24 Dec 2018

. My wife Paula and I have always had a good sexual relationship as in we can say what we like and pretty much try anything.

She's 5 foot 8, brunette and slender. I love her to bits.

I'm 52 and Paula is 49.

About 10years ago we were indulging in some foreplay when I mentioned I'd love to see her getting fucked by another guy.

She got very wet and excited by this and asked me to explain my fantasy in detail.

I loved talking about it and it made me cum so easily that after me ejaculating I would have to lick her pussy until I was hard again. She would buck and wriggle like hell.

One night I was running my hand up and down the inside of her naked thigh whilst we lay naked in bed. She said what are you thinking about. I slipped my fingers inside her and said "some other man doing this" she got so wet and said she knew someone who would.

Without hesitation I slipped my cock in her and I can still remember the feeling of pure heat and juiceiness. She carried on to say a chap at work would fuck her no problem.

To me it was all fantasy and made us horny as hell.

This was repeated every night and I sensed that she loved this talk as she was always so wet, it was awesome.

Then one night she said a name of a fella and told me to call him as he would definitely fuck her, she said this as she was cumming so I didn't take it seriously.

She worked long hours, out early home late and one night while she was in the bath she asked me to sort her phone ringtone out.

Whilst going through the phone I saw texts from a guy she had spoken about(her manager).

The content was of a good humour but the odd one was about meeting her for a hug and "I love it when you speak dirty to me".

I was thinking what the fuck. She had text a few things back and one said "I'm in the office next door to you if you want that hug now"

I didn't know what to do so I left it a few days then checked her phone again and found a photo of this that he'd sent Paula of him in his office with his big erect cock in his hand with the message "in my office thinking of you"

I confronted Paula and she said that he was messing about and that I said she could fuck him. She said they hadn't fucked and were just having fun.

Things turned a bit quiet for us but she insisted she loved me. I said I'd caught a dose because my cock was sore. She said that's ridiculous but I found a appointment card for the sexual health clinic in her bag.

This fella left the company and moved 300miles away with his wife.

I was so torn up with jealousy but had them butterflies in my stomach and a stirring in my loins when ever I thought of him and her.

I didn't have a dose but couldn't believe they never fucked. I kept on pestering her to tell me all the things she got up to with him. I would get so hard and we would fuck like never before. She tells me that he would use his fingers and put them everywhere. God I'm hard as rock just writing this.

Whether they did or didn't fuck she sure knows what floats my boat and I regret big time intervening in their messing about.

We still do fuck like rabbits and always talk about men fucking her. Just the other night while I was deep inside her she said "you do know that one day your going to watch me get fucked by another guy.

I still love her and we are always happy and laughing.

If we find the right guy and she shags him I will let you know.