Written by fifibell

5 Mar 2013

I love the SH site which an ex boy-friend showed to me love all the stories and frig myself of to quite a few of them but never had anything to write up till now.

I am a member of our local badminton club although I play singles I am better at doubles about 6 months ago my regular partner decided she did not want to play anymore. One of the guys Pete asked why I wasn`t playing doubles anymore so I explained he then said had I thought about mixed doubles, me not really, he well why don`t we have a knock about and see how things go. I did not think it would work but to my surprise we worked well together played against the clubs main mixed doubles and although we did not win gave a good account of ourselves.

A wee bit of background I am 20 a student, tall for a woman 5`9" long legs especially in heels, not bad tits and a nice tight arse as a few of my boy-friends have commented on. Pete is 35 married and very muscled, I know he goes to the gym and does a bit of circuit training. He is very quiet and quite serious me well I am 20 chatty and always looking for a bit of excitement.

After a match Pete said we have had an invatation from another club and the clubs mixed doubles cant go do you fancy if I entered us? Well I swithered a bit but Pete says look I will drive us as it was 50 mile drive away and bring you back so I was persuaded. Well knock me down with a feather we won and I have never seen Pete so animated he hugged me kept squeezing my shoulder he really was pumped up at us winning a real glint in his eye. We both went to shower and change I was out first waiting for pete and as he came towards me, I did not quite believe my eyes but Pete had a very notacable bulge in his jogging trousers. I of course tried not to notice but well the thought of a nice hard cock inside those joggers well???? As we put our gear into the back of his car I was chattering away about our win when I put my hand on his shoulder to say thanks for persuading me to mixed doubles I went to give him a peck on the cheek, he moved his body side ways and instead of a cheek I got his lips and his body pressed against me and yes I felt his hard on.

He moved away quickly geting into the car me following and as we drove home we were silent conversation almost not existant. I started to fidget in my seat I could see him watching me out of the side of his eyes. A little hoarsly he asked was I all right, Why I said what I did next I still ask myself the question. I forgot to pack clean panties and these jogging trousers are iratating me, he almost drove of the road with shock at what I said. I continued to fidgit then started to pull at my joggers, I glanced at Pete and saw a bead of sweat roll down his jaw his hands tight on the steering wheel but glancing down his cock was jutting out making a tent in his joggers. I said pull in at the next lay by he said why me I want to make myself comfortable and I can`t while we are driving. A few miles on we found a lay by I pulled my jogging bottoms of I then put my hand over and grab his cock through his joggers squeezing him nice and hard. Now why don`t we do something to make us both comfortable, with a strangled no he jumped out of the car standing at the back his head on his chest. I walked round took his head in my hands and gave him along wet sensual kiss, at first he resisted but soon he was returning the kiss open mouth toungue snaking into mine. He bit my lip hard I winced his hand came up between my legs probing for my hole he was not gentle with his probing fingers but I screamed as an orgasm hit me. He grabbed my arm pushing me on to the back seat, pulling his jogging trousers down his cock bouncing he pulled my head up forcing his cock into my mouth. He growled if this is what you want so be it and he started to fuck my face his fingers jabbing into my hole. You are such a tease he kept on repeating those long legs with a honey box between them just ready to be fucked. I pulled my head back from his cock get that cock up me and fuck me hard, he thrust in my pussy wet and eager his hard thrusts in motion with my thrusting hips soon we were in the zone of no return my body shuddering with orgasms his pulsating as spunk filled my eager pussy. He collapsed on top of me gasping for breath his softening cock sliding out of me taking a stream of spunk with it sliding down my thighs and legs.

We tidied ourselves up and sat not speaking in the back of the car, we really did not know what to say. He probably in shock at what had happened fucking a girl who was young enough to be his daughter, me soooooooooo satisfied my pussy still throbbing at the pleasure of it.

Six months later well we are still fucking, the second time he fucked me was in the club shower, as we had not really talked about what had happened I thought it was a one off, but when he appeared in my shower I knew he wanted more. It was a short hard fuck as obviously we weren`t sure who would turn up to have a shower he even put his hand over my mouth to stifle my screams of pleasure which gave it a little more excitement.