22 Sep 2019

I am a busy Office manager and when i get a chance to go out for a event or a night out with my guy or girlfriends I like to dress up , my guy likes to see me all dressed up wearing my usual stockings and suspenders under my outfits , he gets very horny when he gets to feel that bit of flesh above my stocking tops , but he is a bit quieter than me and often will just go have a drink and leave me to enjoy myself. I have my fair share ( some say more than my fair share ) of admirers when at work , I often catch Men taking a second look as they pass me or from across a room and get a shout or horn blast as I walk down the street, I do love to tease and have played behind my Guys back before as I must admit to liking another Man's attention and have always liked to feel a different cock in my hands and pussy.

On a recent night out with a small crowd from work we had gone to a lively pub , while my fella was out with his mates somewhere, in the pub it was quite crowded it had a small dance floor and I soon got up for a dance with a couple of the other younger girls there , as I danced a young good looking lad in his 20,s I guessed , came over to dance an chat to me , ignoring the younger girls much to their dislike. He was a very good dancer and quite the charmer, introducing himself as Carl and was soon rubbing up against me offering to get me a drink, we had a couple more dances and then as it had warmed up in the pub he suggested going outside, he led me out as we found a quiet corner to chat I asked him how old he was he told me he was 19, I laughed saying I am old enough to be your Mum !

His reply was yes I know , I enquired how ?? , well I made some enquiries at work as he then said I am a apprentice from the other end of our site, as I have seen you walking around the factory going into the various offices, I said oh you have been spying on me have you an laughed, as he said no we all spy on you hoping to get a flash of your stockings as you wear those split skirts and wraparound dresses as you have great legs and you don't exactly keep these babies covered up do you as he planted a kiss on the inside of my cleavage as I hadn't notice my top had come unbuttoned.

He then said come back with me to my parents house as they are away at the moment in the Maldives and I am looking after it , as he took my hand led me over to his car driving off heading towards some houses backing on to the beach, he pulled up outside a lovely home all lit up as we approached , saw me out of the car up the steps and indoors . He then poured me another drink saying I am glad you are here at least I can have a drink with some alcohol in now , he dimmed the lights and led me out on to a lit up patio looking over the sea it was a lovely warm night and I rested my arms on the hand rail looking out at the lights on the boats and ships that sailed by in the night , sipping at my drink .

Then I heard him approach put his glass down and wrap his arms around me and kiss my neck and ears, he whispered that I was very attractive and all the guys he worked with fancied me , so I asked what is this then are you trying to win a bet or something, he went very defensive , Oh No ! , I just fancy you and often pull off in bed thinking of you !

He let his hands wander over my boobs easing my blouse apart , then stopped to undo my bra as I had not objected, before pulling my blouse an bra straps down over my shoulders to free my boobs for his large hands to rub an pluck at my now hard nipples, I could feel myself breathing faster and his hot breath on my neck as I pressed my bum back to move in circles against his hard bulge in his trousers.

I heard him say I want to fuck you Zoe ! I held the glass in one hand as I reached behind to put my other hand on his zip to pull it down so I could reach in to free his cock, I was struggling to free it, so turned around put the glass on the floor and pushed his trousers down along with his briefs so I could hold his cock , I was in for a pleasant surprise as it was a good size and already leaking pre cum over the large head. I then pulled his shirt off over his head and rubbed my boobs against his chest, he said fuck that feels good Zoe ! you have great boobs ! I could feel his hands slide down my back and undo the button and zip on my split skirt as he pushed it down over my hips so it fell at my ankles.

He said to me I love you have stockings on Zoe as he slipped his fingers inside my g string and began to rub at my clit as a finger slipped between my hot wet pussy lips, oh I groaned into his neck as I told him oh just take me, Carl !! He soon had my g string at my ankles as I stepped out of it , we kissed as his hands wandered over my body running over my stocking tops , feeling my bum an boobs , as I was holding his cock sliding it between my hands rubbing his cum leaking out over the head .

I was looking where we could go and we made our way over to a cushioned sun bed , I sat down on it grabbed his arse to pull his cock to my mouth and stuck my tongue out to lick it and taste his creamy cum escaping from the tip, I looked up and smiled as he held my shoulders looking down at me , but he soon told me to halt as he wanted to fuck me !

I lay back opened my legs wide apart as he knelt up , then shocked me as he stuck his tongue in my wet pussy and said fuck I have dreamed of doing that , before he moved over me rubbing his cock up and own my now very wet pussy, before dipping the head inside me to say shall I take it out now, I told him not if you want to live !!

That was when we began our glorious fuck , oh he was like a little Duracell bunny , he just kept going , knocking spots off the men I had been with before, I have never been so wet before my pussy was awash with my cum juices and I lost count of the times he made me cum , he asked me if he needed to pull out or was it ok if he filled my pussy with his load, I told him don't you dare take it out and we came to a earth shattering climax together, we lay there holding each other soaking in sweat and our juices , he got off me to go fetch some drinks and snacks as we sat chatting , he asked me if I fancied another session in awhile I just smiled an said try an stop me !

We stayed out on that patio that night under the stars after him taking me doggy fashion and me riding him cow girl before spooning up with just a sheet laid over us , we met up at his parents home 4 more times that week before they returned, my fella wondered why I was suddenly having to do more evening work and was curious what had happened to me on that first night when I didn't make it home till mid morning, so I gave him the excuse I stayed at a girlfriends apartment , he also wondered where I had got some bruises from , but left him guessing on that.

I have met Carl a couple more times since and he has some ideas he wants to chat with me about and he has mentioned some photos, but that's for another time ,

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