Written by Matt

25 Sep 2018

Last Saturday night me and my friend Steve had been out in town having a few beers. At around 11:30pm we decided that as my house was in walking distance we would walk there and call a taxi for Steve to get home as he lived about 20 minutes away.

We got to our house quite worse for wear and the downstairs lights were still on as my wife Sarah was still up watching tv. Eventually I managed to get the key in the door and stumbled in. We went interesting the living room and sat either side of Sarah on the settee who was just sat there in a her silk shorts and best pj set. Sarah asked us about our night when she looked at me and said are you going to pour the drinks then. Now we have had two threesomes in the past with another of our friends but not since we had kids nearly 10 years ago so I wasn’t expecting anything.

After an hour of more drinking and watching tv we remembered we hadn’t phoned a taxi. We rang loads of companies but none had any availability any time soon he had to wait nearly two hours for one to arrive.

After about 20 minuets I started to kiss Sarah and stroke her leg just to see how far we could get. She kissed me back and I could see her nipples poking through her silky vest which gave me the green light to carry on, I started stroking her leg slowly getting closer to her pussy. Steve saw what was happening and got closer to the other side of her. Eventually I managed to stoke just inside her silk shorts when she looked at me with a smile and said do you want me to take them off??. Yes Steve and myself said together and she lifted her arse off the settee and pulled them down showing her shaved and very wet pussy then came off her vest. She started to kiss me whilst rubbing both our cocks through our jeans.

Within minutes me and Steve were both undressed on the sette with Sarah sat inbetween then she got on the floor on her knees and took turns sucking our cocks for a good few minutes with both of us trying not to come. Sarah then got up and straddled Steve’s could cock pushing her tits into his face l, she rode him then when he said he was going to cum she got off him and wanked him off on her belly and tits.

Sarah came over to me and get on top of me and started fucking me whilst Steve sat behind us and watched. I didn’t last long and came in her well used pussy after a couple of minutes. Sarah wanted us to take turns to fuck her arse and double penetrate her but Steve’s taxi was arriving any time so we had to get cleaned up and Steve left a few minutes after.

Sarah dragged me to the bedroom after Steve had gone and laid on the bed holding her arse checks apart, I quickly got on the bed and fucked her arse for wasn’t seemed like ages whilst pulling her nipples, Sarah was fingering herself and we came together.

Hopefully we may get a repeat of this very soon