Written by baron

2 Mar 2012

met dave and ruth on another site,ruth gets turned on by watching men together. dave contacted me and set up another meet at there house, arrived there about 10ish as arranged was let in by dave i followed him into the lounge ruth was sitting on the sofa.

we had a coffee and chatted for a while, ruth then said could we get undressed and suck on each others cocks,we both stripped till we stood naked dave moved towards me our cocks touched as we kissed each other we heard ruth say it was so horny to see.we both moved our hands on to each others cocks wanking them together.

i pulled away and sank to my knees dave,s cock sticking out leaking precum i licked along its length finally taking it into my mouth, i sucked along its length my hands cupping his balls, ruth had stripped down to her bra and panties she watched as i sucked her husbands cock she urged him to push it in further i could feel his 6"touching the back of mt throat.

ruth moved beside me and we licked her husbands cock together her hand moved onto my cock wanking me at the same time, i put my hand into her panties and fingered her pussy

ruth licked her husbands cock while i removed her bra releasing those big tits i sucked on her hard nipples while slipping her panties off. i knelt behind her holding and played with her nipples and fingering her pussy she was getting wet.

i layed on the floor my cock sticking up ruth straddled my cock and lowered her pussy onto it dave moved round and ruth said put your cock in his mouth, dave fed his cock into my mouth i sucked on it while his wife fucked my cock. ruth orgasms constantly moaning and making all noises,ruth climbed off my cock and told dave to sit on my cock he rubbed some lube on my cock and his arse and then lowered himself onto my cock ruth watched as my cock slipped into her husband after a few minuetes it got easier my cock sliding into his arse daves cock was bouncing about as he fucked me ruth took hold of it wanking it for him, i couldnt last any longer and emptied my spunk into him. i watched as ruth wanked dave till he spurted on to my stomuch.

we layed entwined together kising and stroking each other.we both played with ruth kissing her tits and pussy. dave layed on the floor ruth faced his feet and slid her pussy onto his cock i watched as his cock slid into her pussy i knelt down and licked her pussy and his cock as it slid into her.she said put them into together she layed on daves stomuch and i fed my cock in i could feel it touching daves cock as we fucked her together it was so horny i came in her covering daves cock with my spunk i slipped out and dave fucked her till he came inside her too.i leaned forward and licked along his cock and ruths pussy covered in spunk mmmmmmmm. we sat for a while till i had to leave.

should be seeing them next tuesday so watch for another story any body want to cum with me