Written by Steve_kent

7 Jun 2008

I\'ve already posted a story about how my wife Emma ended up acting out our fantasies with my best man J.

It was some time after that first time that this happened. That first time had fuelled our fantasies, it had been really great fun and I certainly had an absolutely fantastic time.

The first time happened after a fairly drunken night out but the second was a completely different affair.

We had talked about inviting J back again but my wife was not sure she would go through with it again. I spoke to J when we knew my parents would be having the kids again and he was more than up for it even though I had said it was not guaranteed and my wife might get cold feet.

Well the night came around, it was in the summer last year and J turned up. We decided not to go out but get a take away.

The tension was incredible, we all had a few drinks and knew what was happening but nobody made the first move. After dinner we went back into the lounge, lights down low and music tv on.

I sat on the sofa, J on the other sofa, and my wife sat next to me!!!!!

J spread out on the sofa, I left the room a couple of times to go to the loo or get more drinks but each time I came back in they were just still sat on opposite sofas making small talk. It was driving me mad.

I sat down next to Emma again and gave her a lingering kiss to which she responded, her tongue pushing it\'s way into my mouth and her hands reaching down and stroking my legs.

I said \"why dont you go and give J one of those kisses\". I have to say I expected her to bottle it but she went entirely the other way. \"ok\" she said and got up.

She walked over to J who was stretched out on the other sofa.

Emma had a long skirt on and a strappy top. She leaned over J and straddled him, pulling her skirt over him so I couldnt see what was going on. J snaked his hands under her skirt, up her legs, over her thighs and up to her waist. She leant forward and kissed him whilst I just looked on.

It was a really passionate kiss, Emma leaning over him, her hands on his chest. She broke off the kiss and smiled at me, telling me to go and load the dishwasher.

My cock was absolutely rock hard by now and I left the room watching them kissing. I stood at the threshold of the room watching as my wife kissed my best man, then pulled her skirt over her head and reached down behind her and ran her hands up J\'s legs, inside his shorts.

I went into the kitchen, shortly after which Emma left the lounge, holding J\'s hand, leading him upstairs. We had talked about her fucking him on her own and had agreed that if she told me she would see me upstairs that she wanted some time with him alone.

I was absolutely gagging for it but she said that she would see me upstairs in a minute and I knew I had to stay put. I watched them walk up the stairs, his hand on the inside of her thigh.

They went upstairs and I crept up after them. When I got to the top of the stairs I could see them in our room and it was the horniest thing I think I have ever seen. My wife was crouched down, her sexy french lacy knickers and sexy top just visible in the dark as she reached into J\'s shorts, pulled them down and took his big cock into her mouth.

I just sat and watched as she traced her tongue around his cock and took him deep into her mouth, his hands on the back of her head, clutching her hair, pulling her onto him.

Fucking hell it was incredible to watch.

But then they went onto the bed and my view was obscured although I could hear them whispering and heard the sounds of J taking off Emma\'s knickers and top. I stayed where I was, listening to a lot of noises, definitely kissing but also a lot of others. It seemed I was stood there for a long time, listening to my wife being pleasured.

\"Come in now, dont just stand outside\" she said and I stepped into the bedroom to watch my wife straddled over my best man, lowering herself onto his thick cock.

Emma is on the pill and we had agreed she would make J wear a condom as despite the fact he is married he does mess around. However when I walked into the room J was flat on hsi back, his bare cock at the edge of what was a very wet and very open pussy.

Emma ground her hips down on him, and I moved behind them to watch his cock sink deep into her very wet pussy. I was so turned on and there is no doubt they were!

\"OH God\" she cried, \"he was so good at tonguing my pussy and now he feels fantastic fucking me\"

I was undressed now but sat on the end of the bed as she fucked my best man. His hands were on her hips as he thrust up into her and I watched absolutely enthralled as my wife cried out and they ground themselves to an orgasm. My wife is just so horny when she comes and it never fails to set me off no matter how hard I resist. J was no different, within seconds he was swearing at her, telling her he was cumming in her pussy.

And he did. J pulled out his cock and Emma, still sat astride him, leant forward and kissed him again, telling him he was fantastic as I watched his cum ooze out of her pussy.

Emma then climbed off and asked me if I would fuck her. How could I refuse. J\'s turn to sit on the end of the bed as I lowered my head between her legs and lapped at her clit, her pussy feeling very well fucked and cum dribbling down the inside of her thigh.

Emma was on her back on the bed, J leaning over her and kissing her, fondling her breasts as I knelt between her legs and fucked what has to the wettest pussy ever. It didnt take me long to add my load to J\'s. I have never felt my wifes pussy feel so fucked and my cock so wet.

It was incredible but shortly after J had to leave to get home and so a repeat was not possible but we didnt have to wait long before number 3 and number 4 happened.

If you like this story, leave some feedback and I while write episode 3 and 4. Unfortunately it stopped there so if you want to explore this fantasy and want someone to join you, I\'m a clean, discreet, professional who would be more than happy to join you so leave a note too!