Written by Jay

17 Sep 2008

It was on my wife\'s birthday last year, we all went out for a few drinks to celebrate her 30Th birthday.

My wife is called Jacqui and she\'s really good looking with a great curvy size 14 figure with great 34\" EE boobs.

After a great night our we got back to our house, my best mate was staying over that night and things got really steamy as soon as we arrived home.

We opened another bottle of red wine and Jacqui got really flirtatious with my mate, Leon. Leon was a bit younger than me and he was always looked great as he worked on his physique.

After the wine, Jacqui started dancing around the lounge, she became quite erotic in her moves and began rubbing her tits and pussy through her clothes. Leon and I just sat there watching, and clearly getting really turned on. I could see that Leon had a solid cock as it began to push against his jeans, and i was so turned on by Jacqui\'s dance and Leon\'s interest that i needed to cool down a bit, so i went outside for some fresh air!

As I returned i was amazed at what I saw, in fornt of me was Jacqui and Leon kissing. Jacqui was now only wearing her under ware. She continued despite my return and began to get Leon\'s cock out of his jeans! As she did, it was clear that Leon wanted more, still wearing his jeans, Jacqui pulled his 8\" uncut cock through his zip and began squeezing his balls through his jeans.

I approached her form behind, pulled her knickers across and exposed her soaking wet pussy. I started to finger her and rub her clit as she began to suck Leon\'s throbbing cock.

I proceeded to take off all her clothes and expose my wife\'s naked sexy body to my best mate. Leon just sat back and watched her lips surround his ever throbbing cock. As he did, he stood up and pushed me to the side, and said, \"excuse me mate, just watch us for a while\", Jacqui agreed so I sat back and watched as the action unfolded in front of my very eyes, my cock in hand.

Leon instructed Jacqui to bend over and spread her legs, so she did. Leon then toke her doggy sylte and slowly positioned his thick 8\" uncut cock against Jacqui\'s soaking wet pussy, he slowly but surly trust his hips and entered my wife\'s unprotected pussy.

Jacqui started moaning as Leon pulled her back onto his cock and entered her as deeply as he could, his balls pressed deeply against her pussy. He continued to fuck my wife as she was asking for more!

I was so turned on at this point and I continued to stroke my 9\" cut cock, I\'m also pretty thick with a big head and Jacqui loves it. I could\'nt just watch any more so I approached Jacqui from the front as Leon continued to pound her from behind. She toke my cock in her mouth and began sucking me between her moans. She loved to passionately kiss my balls while sucking my cock, so at this point i was also really wet.

This is wear the action really hotted up, Jacqui agreed to being fucked DP, this had never happened before and we were about to experience the experience!!!

Leon continued to fuck Jacqui doggy style, so i got underneath her, so she was riding my solid 9\" cock, Leon played with her arse hole while i was fucking her, i could feel his fingers deep up her arse as i continued to fuck her pussy, she was moaning in delight. Leon asked her if she was ready for the treat of her life, and she yelled \"yes, yes fuck me guys\", so Leon slowly entered her arse, as he did i could feel his big cock against my own. Jacqui was now getting 17\" of solid cock up her soaked pussy and stretched arse hole.

As soon as Leon entered her arse, she began to twitch with delight, her body began to stake as she shuddered with ecstasy, her orgasm was immense. She clenched up as if not being able to take anymore, her pussy exposed a steam of cum as we both continued to pound her every hole. I could feel her woman juices running down my arse as she continues to love every minute of it.

Leon and I winked at each other as if to try and simulate our own orgasm, we continued to fuck her as she continued to moan, and it soon became obvious that Leon was about to shot his load, at this point so was i. We both clenched our arse\'s and as i pulled Jacqui down onto my cock, Leon also pushed his cock as deep as he could into her arse. We both just expressed our sheer delight by dumping our heavy loads deep into Jacqui\'s pussy and arse at the same time, there was cum everywhere.

we flipped Jacqui over and observed her creampie, it was the best creampie ever, there was cum dripping form ever hole. Leon had clearly shot a load as her swallen arse hole later reveiled.

At this point i couldn\'t resisit tasting my wifes arse on my best mate\'s cock, so i said, \"now its my turn\", so i appraoched Leon and began sucking his cock, tasting Jacqui all over him, it was a strange yet kinky experience as Leon became arosed again. We finished off with me sucking Leon\'s cock as he muffed Jacqui\'s creampie. We really did share everything we had that night.

Looking forward to next time now.