Written by Al

1 Dec 2009

When I turned 40 a couple of years ago I wasn't really bothered but when my wife, Lynn, was nearing the same age earlier this year it was all doom and gloom. She was worried that she was getting old, unattractive, it was really getting her down. One morning I found her standing looking at her tits in the mirror. Lynn is about 5' 5", short dark hair, about a size 10/12, slim waisted, cracking arse and legs and 34dd tits. The tits were the problem, when we first met they were firm, but over the years nature had taken its course and they had headed south, which really upset her. She lifted one breast and turned to me and said "It's my birthday in a few months, I know what I'd like for a present". I asked what it was and she replied "A boob job. I want them smaller and I want them to be firm and sexy again. I said we could look into it to which she said she already had and had found a clinic which was highly recommended, but quite expensive. We talked about it more and I agreed to pay for it to be done. She made an appointment and about a month later it was done.

The results were fantastic and she was delighted with her rounded 32c tits which were firm enough for her to go bra less. As a thank you she had some portrait photos taken professionally, with some routine ones but others with her showing a lot of leg and cleavage. When she showed me them she told me that he had been very complementary about her figure and suggested some more glamorous pictures in a swimsuit if she'd like to go again. She went and posed for some shots wearing a one piece suit which showed her figure but didn't reveal much. He took some shots and asked if she'd brought a bikini. When she said no he said there were some in the changing room if she wanted some sexier shots. She later told me she nearly dressed and left when she saw them, but decided I would like some sexy pictures. They were all minuscule, tiny g-strings which hardly covered her pussy and tops which covered her nipples and little more. The resulting photos were horny and I got a hard on looking at some of the pictures of her bending over showing the string tight between her pussy lips. She told me that he wanted to do some nude shots, she wanted to do them but wanted me to go with her.

We turned up and he had set aside the whole afternoon. Lynn took off her dress and I watched as she posed in high heels, stockings and suspenders, string and bra. He got her to pose in various positions before telling her to lose the bra. A few more shots and then the string, she looked over to me and I smiled encouragement as she slipped it off.

She was laid back holding her tits, legs slightly parted when the studio door opened and I was joined my a bloke in his late 20's who was introduced as another model. He asked Lynn if she minded him staying but she was happy. A few more shots and he stopped, asking Lynn if she wanted to do some harder pictures. I could see she was turned on being watched, her cunt lips had parted and juices were shining when the lights shone on her. She followed his instructions and was soon being photographed holding her cunt lips apart exposing the inside of her pink hole, her juices starting to trickle out. He got her rubbing her clit and to push her fingers in her pussy while he snapped away. Her nipples were rock hard, her breathing shallow and I knew she was close to cumming. He got some close up shots of her clit peeping out and was obviously aware that she was highly aroused. He stopped and was speaking to her when she called me over. He had asked if she would do some shots with the male model, explaining that she could make a bit of money as he could always sell pictures of mature women.

We agreed and the model stripped, joining her on the bed. His prick was already erect and she was told to hold it. Next she had to knell in front with his prick near her mouth, then stick her tongue out. The next thing I saw was her licking the tip, she hadn't been asked as she parted her lips and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him. The photographer carried on snapping saying "Great don't stop". Lynn had reached between her legs and inserted two fingers in her pussy as she sucked his cock right in to her mouth as he held her head. This was going further than I expected but I didn't want to stop her. Without being asked She lay back and spread her legs wide, pulling him to her gaping cunt. He held his prick against her opening as she wrapped her legs round his waist. He then penetrated her as photos were taken of his cock sliding into her pussy. She lay pushing back being fucked until the photographer said he wanted some doggy. It was to late to do anything as he got behind her and started shagging her again. He was giving her hard deep strokes and she moved back to meet his thrusts until she came on his prick. He still hadn't come and she still wanted more. He was told to lie on the bed and she straddled him, mounting his prick facing the photographer who got in close as she took the cock in her pussy. She moved up and down his cock as he thrust back, so wet her juices were running down her legs soaking her stockings. He began to speed his shafting and Lynn frigged her clit until with a final hard push he came in her cunt. She lay back on top of him as his prick softened. His cock slid out, the photographer saying "Don't move. I want some creampie shots" as his cum ran out, between the cheeks of her arse. He got his shots then told her to get some on her fingers and lick them which she did.

After the initial shock we were both happy with the situation and when we got home I was still so hard I fucked her over the kitchen table. Since then she has done some more hard shoots and has been asked if she is willing to take part in a video they are planning. I'm all in favour as I enjoy watching her being fucked and showing off the body which she is now so proud to display.