Written by Cocksure

18 Sep 2017

My wife has a lover and she meets him most Tuesdays. I don’t know him or where she meets him. Someone my ask, would she tell me where she was. The answer is probably she would. We don’t normally hide things but I would never ask. I am not into wanting to watch her and I am certainly not a cuckold. My wife works all week all over the city meeting people, having lunches, coffee with business people. I don’t know where she is. For all I know she could be meeting lovers through the day but I don’t think so.

Our relationship is strong. She does not hide that she is going somewhere on the Tuesday evening. She makes sure we fuck in the morning before work. She never leaves me wanting. When she comes home and showers and goes to bed it heightens my excitement for the next morning. From experience I know that she has been highly aroused the previous night. When I fuck her she will cum 3 or 4 times. I will then go down on her and she will cum again. She tells me how good I am.

I find that knowing someone else finds my wife attractive and wants her makes it even better for me. I am very happy that she is independent and confident and that we each give each other space to enjoy our little secrets. I have no wish to control her or restrict her or crush her. We have lots of sex so it’s not that she isn’t getting enough from me. We are open minded and respect and care for one another’s needs and wants.