Written by Steve Ox.

26 Jan 2019

in 2017 my best mate Alan told me that he had found a very cheap last minute holiday in Spain and asked if I would like to join him for the week, I jumped at the offer because I had just completed my first year in Uni and had been working at a friend of my dads factory for a month so I had some cash saved. Alan was a good looking lad and unlike me was usually extremely successful at picking up girls. I once witnessed him in a local club using the chat up line "I'm Alan and I have a very big cock" and I was amazed when she left the club with him a few minutes later. I'm sure that if I had used a line like that I would probably have had my face slapped.

A few days later the both of us landed at Reus airport and we took a taxi to our hotel in Salou and checked in at reception. The room we were allocated was a twin with a good view over the town. After showering and changing we walked into town and found a tapas restaurant close to the sea front. Our waiter recommended a lively club nearby so after we had finished our meal and a few beers we searched it out.

The club was very good and was packed with loads of good looking girls, Alan and I had a few more drinks at the bar before splitting up. I danced with a couple of girls but did not get very far with either of them. About 2am I felt that I had drunk enough and I walked back to the hotel. Just as I was getting into my bed the door opened and Alan stepped into the room holding hands with an attractive redhead wearing a short silver dress , I felt stupid standing there just in my underpants but the girl said "Hi" and said her name was Molly and came from Yorkshire. Alan closed the door behind her and I heard Molly whisper to him "You're right, he is cute".

Alan stood behind Molly and unzipped the dress, it fell to the floor around her feet, all that she was wearing underneath was a tiny pair of white knickers. Alan put his arms around her, kissed her neck and cupped her small tits in his hands. I saw that her nipples were pierced with a ring on each.She reached behind her and fumbled with the belt on his jeans, Alan was unbuttoning his shirt and took it off, when she had unzipped his jeans she pushed them down and reached into his underpants for his cock.

I was still standing by my bed just a few feet away from them wandering if I should offer to go for a walk. Alan had kicked his jeans away and had removed his underpants, it was not the first time that I had seen his erect cock ( we had shared rooms many times before ), I could tell that Molly was impressed by the size of it and held it with both hands as she took the head into her mouth. She turned to look at me and told me to get naked. I took off my pants and stood there with my cock growing harder. Molly asked me to come closer and pull her knickers down. She continued to suck Alan's cock as I slid them down her legs and I kissed her bum.

Allan suggested that we should push the two single beds together to give us a lot more room, as soon as we had moved the bedside cabinet and pushed the beds together the three of us fell onto the bed. Molly asked if we had condoms, I confirmed that we both had a few packets she also said that she had a few in her handbag if we needed them.The next couple of hours were amazing. I know that Alan was the first to fuck her. Molly was on her back as he pushed her legs apart and pressed his face into the triangle of red hair between them. I was kneeling on the bed beside her and her hand reached for my cock and pulled me closer to her face so that she could suck it. Alan was still using his tongue on her pussy. Suddenly she lifted her head off my cock and shouted to Alan "For fucks sake put that cock into me and fuck me"'He rolled a condom onto his cock, lay on top of her and with one long push he was fully inside her.

They fucked like that for several minutes then she asked him to stop fucking her for a moment so that she could turn over onto her hands and knees so that she could continue to suck my cock at the same time. I moved to the head of the bed and fed my cock into her open mouth. As Alan thrust his cock into her it forced my cock further into her mouth. All too soon I shot a stream of cum into her mouth but Molly kept on sucking until I had to pull away from her because my bellend was so sensitive it was almost painful.

Molly had her face pressed into the mattress with her arse high while Alan gripped her hips as he fucked her with long slow strokes until she cried out "Oh fuck, Oh fuck, I'm cumming" A few seconds later Alan groaned as he filled the condom inside her then pulled out of her and took the condom off. Molly remained still for a while then got up and went into the bathroom and we heard the shower running. When she returned she had a towel around her waist, she sat between us on the bed and put a hand onto each of our cocks and massaged our balls, It was not long before our two cocks were erect again. This time it was my turn to pull a condom on and while I lay on my back Molly lowered herself onto me while Alan stood above me with his cock in her mouth. I was able to reach up and play with her pierced nipples with the small gold rings.

This time I lasted far longer before I came but as soon as Molly rolled off me she was on her back with Alan fucking her again. Later after another short rest she tried to take both of our cocks into her mouth at the same time but gave up and just sucked us off one by one. It must have been around six in the morning when the three of us finally fell asleep. the next we knew was the maid knocking at the door asking if she could clean the room. I looked at my watch and saw that it was nearly eleven o'clock. We woke Molly and after a shower she dressed and left.

Alan and I tried to tidy the room as much as possible, we found seven used condoms littered around the floor which we put into a plastic bag to throw away later.

We did not see Molly again but the both of us did manage to bring girls back to the room but only singly. When I heard Alan was with a girls I went for a walk or found a bar that was still open and Alan did the same the following night.

The final night we were in Salou we had an interesting encounter, we had been chatting with two good looking German girls in a bar and we convinced them to come for a walk along the sea front. We both thought that we would get to fuck them somewhere, they did not seem to mind our hands on their arses and tits. When we reached the end of the concrete jetty the girls asked us to sit on the edge, they jumped down onto the sand about three foot below us. Then they undid our jeans and pulled our cocks out and gave us a blow job. Several people walked past behind us but I do not think that they could see what the girls were doing. When we filled their mouths they just spat the semen onto the sand and said goodby and walked away giggling.

Alan has since got engaged to a nice girl in the village so I do not think that we will be going on holiday together again.