Written by peelover50

11 Feb 2011

Well, it seems you enjoyed my telling you about my little problem. I guess it is more common than I thought, and not just a sign of old age, but a source of great pleasure for many of you too.

I have become more comfortable with it and am able to relax and enjoy the sensation to now, without feeling embarassed and luckily I've met some great men to enjoy it with.

Last summer I spent a weekend away on a friends narrow boat. I wore a little strappy top and light cotton skirt, feeling warm and relaxed as we spent the day cruising leisurely along the canal, drinking wine and enjoying the sunshine.

It takes a while for the engine to heat up the water, so about mid morning, we moored up at a quiet spot so that we could take a shower before going to the pub for lunch. Ken said he needed to go to the loo before I showered, and giggling I said I'd race him as I needed to go too...we both tumbled down the steps giggling like kids trying to get to the bathroom first...the heat and the wine making us both more than a little tipsy.

I begged him to let me go first as I was desperate, and laughing he said "oh how desperate are you.." and slid his hand between my legs. His fingers brushed my pussy and he could feel that my clit was hard, but I was really dying to pee so as he slid a finger inside me I started to dribble a little

He grinned and pulled me in to the bathroom, which is like a wet room and pulled my skirt and knickers off, as he continued to finger my now sopping wet pussy. He also needed to pee, but as he had a hard on I knew he would find it difficult.

We ended up naked...his hand still working away at my clit as I felt the urge to pee building up more and more. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth, teasing him, knowing that he also needed to relief himself. We teased each other for what seemed like ages, but soon we both knew that we would explode if we didn't pee.

He sat me on the edge of the closed toilet seat, and told me to spread my legs..kneeling in front of me, he gently rubbed my gapping pussy with the tip of his cock and slowly slipped it in and out, fucking me gently.

By now I was gasping for breath - my orgasm building with such intensity...I pulled my legs up high and wide, holding my ankles so that he could have full and easy access to my wide open cunt.

He moaned as he pulled his cock out..wanking himself he begged me to gush...so I pulled my lips open and finally relaxed my muscles shooting a huge arc of golden liquid over his chest...as it ran down his body he gasped loudly and started to shudder and suddenly I felt the beautiful warm pee pour from his gorgeous cock all over my stomach...he aimed his cock and entered my pussy again, filling me with the hot burning liquid and fucked me as I came in great shuddering bursts.

He then stood me up and bent me over entering me from behind and with a few hard thrusts filled me with so much cum that it was running down my legs.

We caught our breath and then showered, getting dressed he told me to leave my underwear off so we went to the pub with me wearing nothing but a vest top and a very thin cotton skirt.

We spend the afternoon sitting in the pub garden drinking and of course this led to me needing the loo quite a few times......however as you can guess, I wasn't allowed to go....but I'll tell you more about our trip later.