Written by linlock2003

18 Jan 2008

Hi all, I have posted up here before, a couple of years ago, about my hitch hiking 3some. This, however, is a story about an experience I had at birmingham airport.

A few years ago, I was flying out to Ireland, we had a friend who kept his boat there, over on the south west coast.

We (me and my wife) were in the lounge waiting for our flights when I said I wanted to go and have a quick look in the shops. My wife said 'ok' so off I went.

As I was walking down to the shopping area a small (well, 5.5ft, but that is small against my 6'4"frame), very beautiful black girl (turns out she was 19) locked onto my eyes and stayed there. I could not help but walk over to her and tell her I was sorry for staring (..it was she who was staring, but I had to break the ice and talk to her), but I found her verty beautiful. She asked if I was married, and I told her the truth, yes. She said, 'good!', asked me if I lived in birmingham, when I said no, but I work here, she said 'great', and gave me her mobile number.

...roll on 4 days later, back in the uk mainland and I am ringing this girl to see if we can meet for a drink. She agreed, and we meet in broad street, birmingham.

Well, one bar to the next, had a bite to eat, and more drinking. We talked about everything to do with girlfriends and boyfriends, what we have done, and what we would like to do........

At 19, she had had only one boyfriend, and he was also black. What she craved was to see a white cock!! Who was I to disappoint a young lady! We went back to my hotel room (only got a cheap room in the novotel!!) where we did not have sex as such, but did wank off in front of one another.

She did lightly hold my cock, stroke it a couple of times and gave it a squeeze and then went back to frigging herself off.

Afetr we had both come (a couple of times as we did not want to miss anything the other was doing) she had to go home, back to her parents and b/f.

Of course, being the gentleman I am, I did escort here in the taxi home to make sure she got back ok, and then went back to the hotel to get some sleep!!!!

.....did I fuck her, no I did not. Did I want to - you bet!! We never spoke or met again after that, but that was my experience of an airport encounter.

Hope you liked it. All true.