12 May 2016

It has now been 6 months since we had our Conservatory installed by a local lad Adie and a bit of landscape work done by 2 other lads, I am still busy with my business and Liz my Wife is now 6 months pregnant and has decided we need a small retaining wall built to stop some soil from a Neighbour's garden falling into our garden and suggested Adie once again. I gave him a call and he said he would be round later that afternoon to take a look, I told him if I was not there Liz was in, I was late getting home , Liz said Adie could do it anytime in the next 2 weeks as he was having a bit of a break as he has been so busy lately, but said he would do this as it wasn't a big job.

Liz told me how much and as it was very reasonable I rang him to go ahead , he said he would be around tomorrow ,now since my last story on here Liz has been doing a bit of book work over the past 4 months for a local garage a few hundred yards from home for a bit of pocket money she says, I do know the owner and know he has a eye for a pretty girl and while in the pub for a drink with a mate of mine one evening, a Mechanic from the garage came in talking to a mate of his.

I was sat only a few feet away hearing him tell his mate we have a tidy preggers girl doing some paper work and ordering in the office for 3-4 hours for 2-3 days a week, she has a hubby with a business but he is not around much , a few weeks ago we watched through the office blinds as she sucked the Bosses dick and he fucked her on her desk, we wondered why he splashed the cash on a new desk for her. He went on to tell his mate, so Me and the other two lads tapped her the other week told her what we had seen and every time the Boss goes out we get a blow job or a quick fuck and the Boss says we all seem a lot happier now and are getting on well with the work , they both laughed drank up and left.

I now knew that Liz was still having trouble keeping her knees together and wondered if she was just after some fun with Adie again, I got a call from Liz to say she had Adie there now digging out the footings and she was just going to do a bit of work at the garage and would be back in a couple of hours . I thought I would give it about 3 hours and pop home to see how Adie was doing ,I drove past the garage couldn't see Liz anywhere, parked up down the road walked to the gate at the side of our garage which is rarely used undid the padlock to peer in to my garden.

As it was a warm dry day Liz had left the patio door open and a couple of minutes passed before I saw Adie come round from the opposite side of the house stand out side take his boots off just as Liz came out to the door to say I was gonna tell you I had made a drink for you, Adie thanked her. He said I need to go for a pee first as Liz said shall I hold it for you , Adie said if you like as they went to the downstairs toilet an came back to sit at the table , they chatted and Adie put his hand on her baby bump saying how far you along then Liz , she said 6 months , he said really wasn't that about the time I built your Conservatory.

I saw Liz look a bit dumbstruck for a minute , she said fuck yes it is as she fetched the calendar from the kitchen, I watched her face change as she said yes almost to the day, Adie grinned saying isn't it time I had a break for a few minutes , so do you fancy my cock inside you again Liz , you seemed to enjoy holding it just now . He stood up dropped his shorts and pants as Liz 's hand reached out for it, she rubbed it as he said you have gone quiet, Liz said well I hadn't thought it might be your baby, you must have some good swimmers, Adie said well doesn't matter now! , no condom needed not that I bothered before as he grinned.

I saw Adie pull some sofa cushions on the floor lay back as Liz took her dress off to reveal her bulging bra and belly , she unhooked her bra , Adie said fuck you are so beautiful with my baby in your belly, Liz smiled as she knelt down over Adie's body , he moved a hand down to his cock rubbing it over Liz's wet pussy. I watched as Liz lowered herself down on to Adie's cock till it was all inside her as she began to push up and down on it as his hands held an rubbed her boobs , he told her these have got bigger , Liz groaned telling him to suck them, lifting his head to do so, as Liz soon said Fuck! I am cumming over your big cock Adie !

He said don't stop am going to shoot some more swimmers up you , I watched Liz's bum bouncing up an down on Adie's big prick, he said you are a good fuck Liz , love you on my cock, I used to remember seeing you walking home from your job in the shop, watching you grow up and fancied you then . As Liz said wish I had known ,I didn't even think you knew who I was, I used to look at you as well, Liz said will you cum with me Adie please I want to feel you cum in me !

As Adie sucked on Liz's boobs an nipples she cried out I am going to cum now as Adie said me too his hands grabbed her arse digging in leaving red marks on her pale skin, he told her you are a real hot Milf , Liz ! , now remember what I said last time if you want a little brother or sister for this one tell me I would be proud to put another baby inside you. They lay chatting loud enough for me to hear everything, as he told her the 2 lads who did the path an patio thought you were fucking hot and a good fuck , she said how do you know , he said I told them you had a hot little cunt and loved plenty of cock and if they were lucky they might get a taste, Liz laughed said you are so bad !

Then Adie said I better do some more work before your old man gets home otherwise he will wonder what he is paying my for as he gave Liz's bum a playful slap, as he got dressed he asked Liz how was the garage job going ,she said how did you know I work there , he said have seen you walking in and out a few times. Then Adie added bet you have trouble with Bernie the owner don't you, she said what do you mean , well we all know he likes a pretty girl has he got in your pants yet, Liz went quiet, when Adie said fuck he has hasn't he as he looked at her face.

While Adie put his boots back on I made a dash to my car , to mull over what I had learnt that afternoon back in my office, as I got my head straight I came home to find Adie had indeed been busy that day , my wife was smiling and very attentive, looked and smelt good , making me think well life isn't all bad even tho I have a wife who enjoys playing the slut behind my back but is still a good lover in our bed and a good wife/ mother at home.

If you want more of Liz's stories let me know in the comments , thanks !