16 May 2016

This is the follow on story of my now pregnant wife Liz and our local Builder Adie I have been fortunate to watch Adie fucking my sexy wife Liz a few times now as I am able to nip home at lunch times and Adie also seems to like to get on with his work in the morning ,have a break ( fuck my Mrs ) and then gets back to work .

The other day ( Adie's 2nd day of doing some building work for us) I was in work , had to see a customer and on my return I drove by the garage where Liz does a few odd hours book keeping and ordering and parked up just across the road. I overheard a Mechanic chat to his mate about Liz in the pub one night and knew Liz had to take the paperwork back she had done yesterday, I sat there awhile and I saw Liz pull up get out of her car , she lifted the rear door leaning in to reach some boxes as the Mechanic I had heard in the Pub rushed over to help her.

As Liz had worn a shortish dress I like to see her in as it unbuttons right the way down the front and she usually leaves the bottom and top few buttons undone to show her lovely boobs off, but now they have begun to get bigger still, I sat back watching as the lad took a quick look around and seeing no one he flicked the back of her dress up over her bum as she had just bent over and lifted a box. I could see her g- string as she turned her head laughing and telling him off at the same time, I looked just beyond them to see two other lads laughing and shouting at the Mechanic saying good one Dave!,

I expected Liz to stand up and tell him off but she stay bent over as he (Dave) ran his hands over her lovely bum and between her legs before turning round to give him the box, he reluctantly took it as the other two lads came down to fetch the rest , both of them kissed Liz as they took them, she closed the boot down and went in . I could see her chatting to the three lads in the back of the garage , then I watched a bit surprised as I saw Dave put his hands out to undo the rest of the buttons on her dress , the other 2 lads kept turning their heads looking outside I suspect to make sure nobody came in .

Liz held it open as Dave undid her front fastening bra pushed the straps down her arms to expose her beautiful big boobs he must have said something as the lads were all looking at Liz's boobs now, Dave cupped1 boob and began to suck her nipple as the lad nearest to her did the same with her other boob, the lad who was left out walked to the front of the garage looked up and down the road before going back to join them.

He was determined not to miss out as he moved behind Liz and saw his hands lift her dress up, go around her waist and I then saw her g string at her feet as she stepped out of it, the lad behind her unzipped his overalls seemed to be pushing Liz to bend forwards as the other two held her out stretched arms and I then saw her being rocked back and forwards as she had been pulled back just out of my sight so I could Liz and the lad stood behind her, top halves only.

I then saw the owner Bernie pull up in his car and the others must have seen him as Liz stooped down to pick her g string up and they all went 4 different ways.

I sat back smiling to myself as they nearly got caught , Bernie had just stopped to chat to a guy outside as behind him I now saw Liz come out to go to her car again, leaning in I saw Bernie ignore the guy chatting to stare at Liz bent over her head in the car. As Liz came back he soon got rid of the guy and I watched as he followed Liz up some stairs to the office , he kept grabbing at her bum, I could see Liz was grinning now as she went inside flicking the lights on with him close behind.

I could now see their outlines thru the open blinds, as I sat there a couple of minutes he opened the door stood to tell one of the lads something as he moved to turn around I could see thru the open door way that Liz was naked bent over her bum facing the door. I then saw Bernie turn smile go inside, pull at his trouser front and then putting his hands on Liz's waist , he suddenly turned back pushed the door to and the next I saw was the one lad who was fucking Liz earlier taking up two cuppas and Bernie appearing at the door half naked ,Liz still bent over as Bernie took the cups ,the lad was having a good look at Liz past Bernie's body.

I sat there a few minutes more to see the door open and Liz getting dressed and drinking her tea, Bernie looked as if he gave her some money and she kissed him making her way down the stairs, Liz shouted to the lads and I saw her get in her car to head for home ,I followed a few minutes later. I parked up down he road made my way to my usual spot thru our gate to peer in to our garden , Liz looked as if she had brushed her hair and had tidied herself back up again as she came in to the garden to find Adie busy laying some bricks.

He said hi finished what he was doing then wiped his hands to give Liz a hug and kiss , I could just hear him say I have missed you , Liz smiled ! He then turned to lead her to our patio which was only a few feet from where I was standing ,he asked her if she wanted a cup of tea or anything , Liz answered I would like the anything ! he pulled out our chairs by the table to sit Liz down ,he said I will make myself a cuppa if you don't want one and off he went.

I peered out to see Liz was undoing the buttons on her dress once again and I could see she hadn't bothered to put her bra on , her boobs had certainly got bigger her nipples standing up all the time now, then Adie stepped out to tell Liz she was so sexy and how he loved that baby bump she had . He went to his tool box pulled out a folded sheet that you use to cover brickwork lay it on the grass ran inside to fetch some cushions off the sofa lay them on the sheet , went to Liz to pull her up his hands flicked the dress off her shoulders.

He laid her down on to the cushions let go of his hands she lay back smiling at him her legs wide apart her pussy looked wet and open slightly as Adie ripped his top off, stepped out of his shorts his cock like a iron bar stood out from his groin, he spat on his finger tips rubbing them over the head of his cock. Then I saw him kneel down as he folded a cushion double to put under Liz's bum , he bent down to lick her wet pussy , telling her he loved the taste of her pussy Liz held his head as he licked her making little sounds as he did so.

Then I watched as he knelt up close rubbing his cock over and between those open pussy lips , then pressing forwards , Liz said God its so Big Adie , Fuck !!! I want you !! I want you to cum in me give me all your cum ,fill me with your babies, he pushed deeper and in and out a few times before saying you better go on all fours now Liz ,so I can fuck you deep. I saw Liz move on to all fours as Adie pressed forwards again to fill my Wife's wet and warm pussy, Liz was very vocal and giving Adie instructions how she wanted him to fuck her.

I thought I hope none of the neighbours walk by and hear her , thinking that would give them something to talk about, But Adie was still humping, as I heard Liz having cum a couple of times or more before Adie announced he was about to fill her pussy again with his cum, as Liz egged him on to pump her full he collapsed on her back having done the deed.

He lay there telling her he should be finished tomorrow as Liz said really already can you not come back the rest of the week just to fuck me , he smiled saying Well ???? I made my way back to my car having known that Liz has probably had two if not three loads deposited inside her today , as I thought I might well add another tonight when we got to bed.

If you want to hear more of Liz let me know thru your comments please thanks for the previous ones and have been mulling over them , thanks again, Stevie