Written by Rick

22 Apr 2007

On saturday evening i visited Daphne,we had a lovely

time just chatting and watching tv together until it

was bedtime,then my lovely 67 year old lady friend and

i made our may up to her bed.I was sitting in bed watching

as she stripped down to her big drawers after releasing her

big floppy knockers from her old fashioned bra,she then put

on her nightdress and joined me in bed.

Daphne was soon stroking my aching cock and she even sucked

my sensitive knob without too much coaxing.Daphne doesn't like

oral to be done to her,so i finger fucked her wet cunt to get

her turned on.

We enjoy the spoons position greatly,it's very comfortable for

Daphne,and once i have taken off her nightie it allows me good

access to her large breasts.Daphne had a good climax like this,

but i saved myself.

Daphne knows how much i enjoy arse fucking and she just sighed

and rolled her eyes when i told her what i wanted."There's a word

for people like you" she said "You're a dirty bugger".I laughed and

Daphne got up onto all fours.i lubed Daphnes arsehole liberally before

easing my big penis all the way up her bum.Daphne let out a huge sigh of

pleasure as i began to piston in and out of her stretched anal ring.

"Oooooh yessss" she moaned as i worked my full length all the way up


Although Daphne finds anal sex a little painful,this is offset by the

immense pleasure it also gives her.

Afterwards i spread her cheeks to see my spunk dripping from her hugely

gaping anus.A lovely sight.