13 Oct 2018

I’d booked 3 days off work and on Wednesday Dee and I went off to our favourite place, Birmingham. Had a wander around then a bite to eat and a drink before I asked her if she fancied a return trip to the club. She agreed but with the proviso that it would be me and only me that she‘d play with.

We arrived at the club, went up to the changing room where we both donned towels and then went for a wander. The place was pretty dead with about two other couples and a handful of single guys.

We decided to take advantage of the quietness and give the dungeon area a try. We went up via the locker room where I took our blindfold and flogger from the locker. Entering the dungeon I slid the gate across and took Dee’s towel off her leaving her naked. I ordered her to stand at the cross and quickly secured her wrists to the cuffs before blindfolding her. This was a first for her and something I'd told her about when talking dirty to her in bed or sexting her on messenger. I whispered in her ear that if anyone was to enter she was helpless to resist if they wanted to use her. She gave a little squirm before telling me to sod off. This earned her her first strokes with the flogger across her bum making her squirm and gasp. I carried on flogging her bum and back gradually hitting her harder, making pull against the cuffs. I stopped the flogging and she relaxed. Just when she least expected it I flicked the flogger between her thighs stinging her pussy, She cried out “Oh fuck” and bucked against the cross. Taking this as a good sign I did it a couple of more times. Reaching between her legs I felt how wet her pussy had become. Seems this was yet another new experience that she enjoyed.

After a few more strokes with the flogger I untied her and led her to the spanking bench laying her face down with her head hanging over the edge. Standing at her head I gave her my cock to suck, one of her favourite pastimes that she’s excellent at doing. I was hoping somebody would enter the dungeon and join in but the club was very quiet that day. I told her it was time to see what was happening in the hot tub and we left the dungeon and went downstairs to the poolroom.

In the hot tub there was one other couple and a single guy. They all watched as we took our towels off and entered the water. The couple started kissing and playing with each other and we did the same. Dee told me to sit on the edge of the pool and started to give me a BJ. She told me later that she found it an incredible turn on to be watched doing it. I signalled to the single guy to get behind Dee. He moved through the water and reaching round, started to play with her breasts. I thought it could go one of two ways and thankfully Dee responded in a positive way by groaning as she sucked me. By now it was getting too much for me and I told her I was about to cum. She started to work my cock faster and deeper into her mouth and as I gripped the back of her head I shot my load into her throat. Being the expert cock sucker that she is, she swallowed every drop before standing and giving me a salty kiss as the others watched on.

Time was getting on and we had to get showered and leave the club and head home to our respective spouses and our boring “other” lives.

We returned on the Friday when the club was busier and Dee enjoyed a very hectic threesome. If anyone’s interested I’ll put the story on here soon

To be continued ...................