Written by DIRTY LYNN

9 Aug 2007

Well,... who'd have thought that after I'd finished writing my dirty secret story just yesterday whilst i was suppose to be cooking hubbys tea before he'd got in from work that I got myself all wet and turned on again. I was so wet down below thinkin about what had happend the nite b4 that i txtd my mate jess if she fancied going for another 'drink' as i needed a mates shoulder to cry on after having my bust up with my hubby.(great shame btw).

Well wot did u know jess was thinkin the same to. She txt'd me back n said listen lynn babes u need to go out more and need cheering up to! haha. Anyway i said i will be down at hers once i got myself all dolled up but b4 i left the house i thoughtfuly put a frozen tv dinner in the oven and left a note 4 hubby sayin meals in oven switch on gone out! haha

Well we headed later last nite to the same bar like b4. There was a football match on and there was loads of fit lads in there all watching the game. Mmm luvly jess said to me and i just smiled and winked at her and said lets head for the bar and get some attention. There was a group of lads about 25 or so all boozin and cheerin loudly n watchin the match. Me and jess clocked they were looking at us so jess went right around the table to visit the ladys(the slapper! lol) and i just looked at them and winked and smiled. Jess came out of the ladys n she made it dead obvious she was after sum cok ofa them she wobbled her big tits in front of them and all the lads noticed them n started laffing. One got up and said if me and her wud luv to join them.

Well jess winked at me and shouted for me 2 cum over. I was there in a bloody flash. I sat down between this stocky young lad about 25 and after a few mins he began to put his hands on my knee well i was so fuckin hot n wet below i grabbed his cock out and began to wank his cock under the table. The lad next to him knew what was goin on and all the lads began laffing and talking dity and said if we were gud time girls i said we cud be and asked wot they had 2 offer!

MMM the lad i'm wankin off has got a luvly thick cock n balls, jess started on another lad n she began to wank him off under the table to. anyway i took him out to the park outside gud job it was pitch black again. I got on my knees and i pulled out his yummy thick cock and began suckin it mmmm it was luvly n tasty. He was moaning n groaning n luving it. I was wankin his knob and suckin n lickin the tip of his young cock. oh god it was fab i tell u! I began to take it all the way down and he began to grab my head and push it hard against is cockn big hairy balls mmm. I took of my jeans n undies and told him to lie on the ground i then sat on his cock oh god it was fucking luvly mmm I luv young men hehe. i was bouncing up and down his cock n he was grabbing by tits hard n then he said i'm cumming i said wait i got off him n told him to fuck me up the ass. He did he pushed his luvly thick knob up my sweaty asshole and grabbed by big nipples hard n spunked up my ass mmmm oh god it was luvly again!

Well what did u know jess and the rest of the other 5 lads were heading ourway. Jess came over nxt 2 me and we both knealt down in front of the lads and they were aroun us in a circlemmmm they had there cocks out oh god me n jess was so horny n wet we began fingerin ourselves as the lads wanked close up 2 our faces. we started to suck there cocks mmmm oh god it was so horny there was so much precumm on all our mouths and faces we kept wanking there cocks as we sucked hard on them and playin with there balls yum yum yum! haha

Jess was fuckin well turned on she was moaning like some mad woman by now and she got up and walked up this tree with a branch hanging over. She pulled her top of and was completeley naked and she bent fwd so that her ass was showing in the air. she said cum on boys fuck me now anyway u want. well wot did u know 2 went over and one stuck his big dirty horney knob up her from behind and the 2nd one entered her up the ass from below.mmmm i luv young fit lads they are so atletic!!

Well had to enjoy myself to so i got the 3rd lad to fuck me on my back and the other one pushed his cock into my dirty mouth and the last guy i began 2 give him a titwank. mmmm

i've never had so much fun in ages n after fucking ages i had spunk shoot up my wet fanny and luvly young tastey spunk down my throat n finally a big fucking wad shot onto my tits wow mmmmm :P

jess later told me that the 2 lads she was shaggin came up her the same time up her ass n fanny! yumm yum i am jealous!

Afterwards jess said lynn hun u turning ur hubby to one of those cock....oh wot u call them cockhold hubbies, i said more like COCK ON HOLD HUBBY. That pretty much sums him up! haha

lynn xx.