Written by sgl5glr

24 Jun 2013

I have written before about the Door Step Loan lady and here is another meet for you.

Not being a flea and jumping bed to bed with any woman but enjoying quality fun along with being a friend too,the meets with the Derby based BBW where about once or maybe twice a month.

Sometimes it was a coffee and chat, sometimes coffee/chat and a quickie and other times a decent length meet with sex. You see the lady is married and being a distance away kind of made meets more o. Marie was always horny since her hysterectomy and always played bareback by choice.

I was free one weekend and she managed to “get away with her work mate”(who covered for her all weekend) and I booked a hotel and we both met at the location. Quick kiss and cuddle then booked into reception. Then up to the room.

Her hands were all over me and we discussed film ourselves or not as she had got a camera with her. We decided that as we hadn't seen each other for 3 weeks, although spoke on the phone, we would shower and have some fun and not bother with the camera.

Marie went into the shower and got it running and well soaped her body, she called me and beckoned me to get in with her. I didn't need asking or telling twice, so I got in there with her, she pressed her slippery soapy boobs into my chest and kissed me and then grabbed my cock and wanked it with her soapy hands. Needless to say my cock was rock hard by then, I continued to soap her tits and then slipped a finger or two into her slippery hole. She them stopped me and knelt down and took my length in her mouth and sucked my cock. God it was good, I was so horny I kept gently pulling the back of her head towards me so she took my cock deeper, shower running all the time. After a few minutes of oral I was close to cumming so I said “I am cumming” and she then released my cock from her moist mouth. She said lets get dry and then carry on some more.

We went back into the main room and cuddled again and I wanted to eat Marie's pussy, she tasted sweet and loved the tongue and finger play. I carried on until she came a few times and squirted on my face. She then wanted my cock inside her,so I raised up my body and eased my cock into Marie's wet and very open hole. I fucked her in the missionary position for a while then she said, do me from behind. Marie got on her knees and I pushed my cock inside again and pumped her willing pussy. By this time Marie was really horny, she said Mike, do my arse.

Having had only met a few ladies who really like bum sex,I asked if she was sure and she said yes I love it. Her bum hole was wet with her pussy cum and my fingers eased in gently for a few pumps before I offered my cock helmet to her hole. As my cock began to stretch her arse hole Marie pushed back onto my cock and in it went half way, so I eased back and forth until I was in up to my balls.

Now at this time I really knew that she liked anal and she was moaning and screamed to me to cum in her arse.

Needless to say, I did as she asked and shot my load inside her rectum. After I had withdrew, her hole oozing my cum, she wiped up the excess and we cuddled.

Then we kissed and had another shower before dinner in a local pub......

Then there was the night entertainment and then my wake up call for her next morning