Written by Mrfixitt2

30 Mar 2011

When we got back to mine after the woods session the MIL went for a nice long bath while I prepared lunch, when she came down she was wearing a nice see through blouse and jeans she came and kissed me and thanked me for the drive out with a wink she rubbed my cock and said he is in for some action later, for a 64 year old she knows what she wants and how to make you wait.

We had a long chat about what our ultimate sexual fantasy was she mentioned she would like to have sex in as many positions as possible as her late husband was a missionary position man and never gave her any foreplay this was why she was enjoying sex so much and she felt like a young woman again.

After lunch we were sat in the conservatory having a glass of wine when she came to me and kissed me and took my hand and rubbed it over her already stiff nipple I am going to make love to YOU she said and lifted my t shirt off and kissed MY nipples and bit them lightly what a fkn turn on that was she kissed and bit them till I was screaming out with pain/pleasure and my cock was responding to the sensation, she then unzipped my jeans and rubbed my cock and commented on the damp patch on my boxers the pre cum was flowing well, she went down on me and nibbled the bell end and slowly took my full length till she gipped then worked her mouth up and down slowly I was moaning with pleasure and she must have felt me tense and pulled it out and said NO way mister I am going to make you wait your spunk is for my cunt this session.

With my balls bursting she got up and her crotch had a nice wet patch she removed her jeans as usual she had no panties on and her pussy lips were moist to the the point of dripping she told me to get on the floor and with a leg either side of my head sat on my face and my tongue found her clit and she instantly shot her cum over my face I could feel it running down my face and on to my ears fucking hell she was coming in a steady flow and moaning "oh god oh my fucking god its so good" well if the neighbours were in they must have thought I was killing her with the noise she was making but I didn't give a fuck I had my MIL sat on my face coming like she had never cum before, all this time my cock was still hard and how the fuck I didn't shoot my load I don't know.

As her orgasms subsided she moved down my body and eased my cock in her gaping hole but lay on me very still while she recovered I was bursting to get my cock in motion but she was in control and who was I to stop her, After a short while she sat upright this gave me chance to suck on her swollen nipples and with a moan she came again I could feel the hot fluid run out of her and over my balls there seemed no end to her orgasms.

She slowly started to ride my shaft rising till it nearly came out then pushing it back in her the rhythm increased till she was really going for it and seemed to loose all control of her bladder and peed on me mixed in with her cum the feeling was sensational I eventually got a the point of no return and just exploded in her my cock pumping and pumping spunk I could feel it leaking out I felt round her arse and got my finger lubed up with cum and slowly eased a finger in her arse she fucking loved it and pushed more in and came again once more she rolled off and we lay in each others arms on the floor and held each other so tight .............................I can recommend the mature woman to anyone they are so passionate and the orgasms never stop ...........more to come that was the afternoon session ...all this is absolutely true DONT fuck each other make love it pays dividends.