Written by Hallbo

20 May 2009

I wrote a while ago about Fiona who is my fuck buddy. We have been having lots of fun and she really enjoys reading SH stories (especially her own 'An email made her strip'). She kept teasing me about a threesome but like all guys expected it to only be a fantasy.

I picked her up last Friday and I asked her where she fancied going. She said Sue in her office had been promoted and was having a leaving do. Fiona wanted to say goodbye at a pub in Barnet. When we arrived a pretty redhead was leaving and Fiona called out to her. It was Sue and it turned out that all the others had disappeared home for the weekend. A few had not even turned up and left her alone. She seemed really pleased to see us and I went to buy the drinks. She was mid thirties and dressed in a nice skirt and jacket. She was a bit nervous about changing offices and the two girls spent ages joking about colleagues. This escalated into stories of office romances and who they fancied. I felt completely out of the chat but then Sue said ‘I know all about your relationship and we have read your story together. Sue said that she wished she could find a fuck buddy too. I said that she was gorgeous and there were lots of guys looking for fun. She said that she usually met jealous guys and just wanted some fun. It all became a bit sad when she started on about her ex boyfriends. The girls carried on drinking and as the now nominated driver was told that we were going for dinner. We went to an Italian and given a quiet table. Both girls had a bottle of red and Sue was getting a bit cheeky with the waiter but it was getting late and Helen invited Sue back to her flat. The girls were really loud and I felt like getting away but as I had told my girlfriend I was out for the night decided to stay.

It was decided that they wanted to watch a film and the usual girly stuff came out. They decided on Dirty Dancing and I sorted out the drinks. We were sitting on the sofa and Sue was in a chair. She suddenly burst into tears and Fiona comforted her. I felt really uncomfortable and disappeared into the kitchen. Helen came in soon and said she had put Fiona in our bedroom so they could have a private chat. I started watching TV and left them to it. Ages went by and I was getting tired so I listened at the door. Silence so I quietly eased it open and in the mirror I could see them laying together and kissing. They were fumbling with each others clothes and totally unaware of me. I watched with a raging hard on as they got more intimate and thought about wanking. Fiona was kissing Sue and rubbing her fingers under her skirt. Sue was breathing hard and riding Fiona’s fingers. She came and collapsed into Helens arms and they lay there. I sneaked off to the sofa and pretended to watch my film.

I heard more talking and sat there with my cock leaking. Fiona then appeared and kissed me. She put her hand in my face (it smelled of pussy) and said ‘come to bed’. I walked in and Sue was under the covers naked. Fiona stripped off and then came to me. She kissed me and then knelt down. She sucked me and I had trouble not coming. I pushed her onto the bed and buried my head between her legs. She was soaking and when I looked up Sue was kissing her and playing with her boobs. I was then laid in the middle and Fiona sat on my cock. Sue started to kiss me while I touched her. She was really wet and it was very natural. Sue then moved down the bed and started to rub my cock while I was in Fiona. My cock was soaking and dribbling inside Fiona. I told her I was ready to come and she said’ hold back and slid off me. Both girls then slowly licked and wanked me. I was so hard it was almost painful. I exploded and caught Sue and she had me in her mouth. It dribbled out and she then offered me to Fiona to take some spunk. They then kissed and laid next to me. I was shattered but my cock was still hard.

We lay there for a while cuddling and gently touching each other. I had a hand in each pussy rubbing their clits and feeling them building up. Their nipples were rock hard and I slipped a finger inside while keeping up the pressure on their clits. Sue came first which immediately triggered Fiona and my hands were soaked.

I slid across between Sue’s legs and straight into her. She raised her legs and kissed me. I fucked her gently gradually building up as Fiona played with my balls. I could not last long and told Sue I was ready to come. She said ‘fill me up’. A few strokes later I let go and came hard inside her. I fell to the side shattered but really horny. The girls cuddled up to me and we fell asleep.

Throughout he night we touched and kissed. In the morning Fiona woke us up with coffee and I was ready for fun. I went down on each girl and then fucked them both before coming in Fiona.

I had to get home so had a quick shower and left them to relax. Fiona called me later but that’s another story