Written by Becky

30 Dec 2011

I told recently 14th Dec about mt experience with our lidger Craig, my best friends son, and how I had been having regular sex with him. My life changed one afternoon when in the middle of a session with Craig, thinking that we were alone in the house I think that we may have been a little bit noisy, the door opened and my husband Tom burst in, after a lot of shouting and me being called a lot of nasty names he stormed out of the house to the pub, returning much calmer later that night.

We talked about the situation, Tom admitted that his fantasy had always been to see me with another man, he agread that my fun with Craig could continue but he wanted to watch.

To cut a long story short, although neither Craig or myself were happy about this arrangement, but we decided to get together the following Saturday evening and see what happened. On the night in question we were sitting in the lounge having a drink, probably to give us some dutch courage, nothing happened for a while, so I excused myself and went to get changed, I slipped into Toms favourite nighty, a little red see through baby doll with its matching thong, on entering the lounge I sat with Craig, Tom watched as Craig fondled my breasts, soon his fingers were probing my pussy making it very wet, It was suggested by my husband that we retired to the bedroom for a bit more comfort, this we did and I soon found myself on our bed between two naked men,Tom wanking while Craig removed my top, kissing me and sucking and squeezing my breasts till my nipples were hard and sore, Tom now joined in and roughly removing my thong probed my very wet hole which was quickly filled by Craig's hard cock, he fucked me hard but as a young man he soon climaxed, filling me with his cum he rolled off me leaving me to my husband, I soon had his hard cock in my mouth, sucking on it till I felt his hot cum explode in my mouth, I was a bit surprised that he had joined in as I only expected him to watch us.

I continued to have regular sex with Craig but now with my husbands permission, he was now more attentive towards me, asking for a blow by blow account of what Craig and I had been up to, after I had told him he would give me his cock to wank or suck to its full hardness before he fucked me, he also wanted to try different positions and different places to fuck, it had now reached to the stage that he would have me every morning before work, Craig and I would get it together in the afternoon and Tom would fuck me bedtime, I don't know wher we found the energy, enjoyable but a bit too much some days.

It was at a wedding that we had all been invited to that I had a surprise, I found myself talking to Craig and two of his mate's while my husband was spending much of his time with Lucy, Craig's mother, as the evening continued the lads flirted outrageously with me and I suspected that they were aware that Craig was having me and would have liked to have had a piece of the action, I have to say these young men were quite fancyable even though I am old enough to be their mother. At the end of the evening my husband had disappeared so the guys took me home, giving me a goodnight kiss with them both having a crafty feel of my breasts as they did so, nice for a more mature lady like myself.

On entering our bedroom I found my husband in bed, but I was shocked to find a naked Lucy, on all fours with him fucking her, I watched as he pulled out of her pussy and after a few hard pushes and a few squeels from her entered her bum hole, fucking her for a few minutes till he shuddered and cum into her tight hole, I left them to it joining Craig in his bed.

As I was still so turned on by the sight of Lucy and my husband together I soon had Craig filling me with his young cock again fucking me till I reaches my climax, our life has now changed with Lucy now living with us and joining in our fun.