Written by Nawty

19 Jan 2017

My GF of six years now is a supply teacher. She is mid 40's and into role-play and older guys.

She is 5' 6 and size 10 with nice 34B tits and of Indian descent but very western in attitude.

Her agency place her to cover in a radius of up to a hundred miles from home.

Before Christmas she got placed in Leicester to work and is back there now at the same school.

She has lodgings that are subsidised buy her agency for three nights a week but she is staying over with a guy that contacted us from this site who by coincidence lives only a few streets from where she is working..

He is an eighty plus year old widow and having the time of his life with my GF. He does not take any money for her accommodation so she treats him to seeing her around the house in her nightwear.

She sits with him in the evening in just her see-thru Teddy without panties and occasionally walks around in just panties and stockings for him . He just touches her and enjoys the view , he is not able to fuck as the equipment does not function!.

Recently, his daughter visited who is older than my GF and almost caught her there in a state of undress in his lounge.

Luckily, she did not come in the house saving a lot of embarrassment and explaining!

I am loving her sexy antics so thought I would share it with you again.