Written by Carrie

20 Jun 2010

Hi, it’s Carrie again. I’m glad some of you enjoyed my last episode. Next day we went to the beach again. Izzy was very cool towards me at first. It turned out that Ali and her had split up after I left. Of course, she blamed me. I said I was sorry, but after all it was only a holiday fling. She didn’t seem to take it too kindly. I said “look, we’ve been friends for more than thirty years, we shouldn’t let guys come between us, especially on holiday”. She was quiet for a while, then asked me about the previous night. I told her in detail, quietly. I was no longer ashamed but didn’t want

overheard. She was visibly shocked. She said she knew I always liked sex, but didn’t think I was capable of that. She asked what John would think, and I told her that I’d phoned him last night and told him all about it, and he was fine with it. I told her about my adventures so far this year, a couple of which she already knew about, but she was so surprised at the extent, and of John’s involvement and agreement. At one point, I could actually see her squirming as she sat there. Poor Izzy was getting turned on by my talk. I was too, so we got up and went for a swim to cool down. When we were leaving the beach, we heard shouts, and looked to ur ri

ght. It was the 4 young guys from the plane. It was the first time we had seen them since they arrived. We sat with them for a bit and chatted. There were as flirty as ever, asking if we’d been getting plenty. It was ridiculous, 2 middle aged women blushing and embarrassed, in front of 4 young guys barely out of their teens. As we left, they all begged us to meet them in Greenhouse, a club, that night. We laughed and said maybe. We went back and got showered and changed.

As we sat and ate dinner, we chatted more, Izzy quizzing me about my new found freedom. She asked about Johni, did he sleep with other women too? I told her yes, but I hadn’t witnessed it yet, although I knew I would. She asked how I felt about that. I confessed I wasn’t sure. My Johni is a good looking guy, and pulls women easily enough. At first I hated it, but was ok now, but watching might be different, I told her, but I had to be fair. I told her how the sex I had with other guys was intensified by the fact that I was sharing it all one way or another with my partner. She seemed quite mesmerised by it all..

We moved on to a couple of bars, getting chatted up and having a good laugh. We danced, drank and flirted, just having a good laugh. We had talked about meeting the young guys later. We both knew it would be wrong, but also tempting, they were all honeys.

We ended up in a bar called Shame, and Izzy said it was named after me (LOL) We were dancing and suddenly these two Turks started dancing with us. They were around mid thirties, and one was absolutely gorgeous. We danced for a bit, then went to te bar and chatted. One was called Ahran, and the gorgeous one was called Kazim. We chatted and laughed for a while, danced some more. They were attentive and Kazim was very sexy. He was paying most attention to me. I wanted him, but it appeared that Izzy did too. Oh no I thought to myself, another problem. But I decided I would sacrifice for my friend. We went to the toilets to discuss it. Izzy thought that Kazim only wanted me. Then I made a suggestion, why don’t we share them. She looked shocked, but at the same time she didn’t say no. I told her to leave it to me.

Being the brazen one, I took the initiative , and invited the guys back to our place for a drink. We walked and chatted. Izzy seemed a bit more relaxed about Ahran now. He actually wasn’t bad looking at all, it was just that Kazim was so hot.

We got into the apartment. I poured drinks, and left a small light on. Izzy had sat on her bed, Ahran joined her, while Kazim sat at the small table. I handed out the drinks, and stood by the sink. Things were a little strained, then Ahran made a move on Izzy, kissing her gently. Slowly she responded. I stood watching, as he ran his hands softly over her body. I was entranced watching my friend. I stood there still for a few minutes. I watched her legs part as Ahrans hand slid up her leg. He was a fast worker, but Izzy seemed to be enjoying it. Kazim turned to me and stretched out his hand. I took it, and he pulled me on to his knee and kissed me. He was a good kisser, always important. Soon He had my vest top off and my bra. He bent to suckle my nipples as his hand slid up my skirt. I opened my legs wide, and his hand caressed my pussy through my thong, then slid inside. He continued to suck on my nipples, telling me my breasts were fantastic. At the same time he slid a finger inside me, and teased my clit with his thumb.

I was in heaven. At the same time, I could hear Izzy and Ahram both moaning softly, but my back was to them, so I couldn’t see what was happening. Suddenly, Kazim stood me up, then lifted me up on to the table. He lay me back, and pulled off my thong. I looked over and caught a glimpse of Ahran, standing by the bed, and a now naked Izzy sucking long strokes on his big cock. What a wonderful horny sight.

I still had my skirt on, as Kazim bent down and parted my legs. Oh yes, I thought to myself, at last. He licked slowly around the edges of my pussy, then flicked my clit gently with his tongue. It felt so good. His tongue then pushed inside me and I cried out in pleasure. I was lying on the table. I looked over again and Ahran was fucking my friend doggy style, and my friend was crying out as her first orgasm hit her. This put me over the edge, and my legs clamped around Kazims head as a massive orgasm hit me. It took a full two minutes before I came down, and relaxed my grip. Kazim pulled me into a sitting position. “You like?” He said to me I replied oh yes. “Now I fuck you” he said. I just replied “please”. He kissed me deeply and slid his hard cock inside me. I leaned back on my arms, my legs wrapped around his waist. He squeezed my boobs as he pounded his cock hard into my cunt. The table was scraping across the floor with each thrust. I cried out loudly as he rode me. Another climax hit me just as he filled me with his cum. I lay back on the cool table. His cock slowly softened inside me. He kissed me gently, then pulled out.

Ahran was already in the shower. When he came out, Izzy went into the shower, and Ahran sat on her bed. The guys exchanged some words in Turkish and laughed. I asked what the joke was, and Kazim said “he says that your friend gives very good sucking” I laughed too, and said “why don’t you try her next time” They looked at each other and said something else in Turkish. Izzy came out the shower with a towel round her. I went and showered and came back out naked. I was completely uninhibited. All three were smoking. Ahran was on Izzy’s bed, Kazim on mine, and Izzy sanding by the sink. I lit a cigarette too, then went and sat down beside Ahran. Kazim gave me a kind of quizzical, slightly annoyed look, but said nothing. I flicked my eyes in the direction of Izzy. He just kind of shrugged as if to say ok. As if to reinforce this, I put my hand on Ahran’s thigh. He looked at me and smiled. I put out my cigarette, and allowed my hand to drift up to Ahran’s cock. Kazim got up and walked over to Izzy. I watched her arms go around his neck as he kissed her. Her towel immediately fell to the floor. Ahran started massaging my breasts and smiling at me as I massaged his cock. I bent down and took it in my mouth. I felt it slowly harden. I heard Izzy cry out. I looked over, and Kazim was fucking her against the sink. I got Ahran to stand up, and took his cock in my mouth, the way Izzy had, he was hard, and he was big. I called to Izz to come and sit beside me. She did, and the two guys stood

side by side as we sucked their cocks like a prize pair of sluts. I released Ahran from my mouth and pushed him towards Izzy. She took his cock in her mouth and Kazim came round and stuck his cock in mine. I was sucking a cock that had just been inside my friends cunt. I sucked Kazim for a couple of minutes, then pulled Ahran to me again. Kazim went back to Izzy. I sucked Ahran’s cock again, then got up and pushed him over on to my bed. I straddled him and impaled myself on his cock. I started to ride him slowly. Waves of pleasure engulfed me as his cock stretched my cunt. I heard in the back of my mind the grunts of Kazim and the cries of Izzy. I rode Ahran for a while, until another orgasm hit me. My pussy clamped around his cock. When I came down, he rolled me over and climbed on top of me. He fucked me hard and fast and deep until I was completely lost. He gave me a fantastic shagging, making me cum twice before shooting his spunk inside me.

When I came down, I noticed Kazim and Izzy sitting watching us, both smiling. I could see Izzys juices glistening on Kazims cock. That just made me horny again. I beckoned him over, and took him in my mouth, tasting the mixture of juices. Before long, he was hard again. He pulled out of my mouth and threw my legs over his shoulders. He plunged hard into me, making my cry out, then fucked me with a passion that was hard to describe. My orgasms merged into one another. Eventually Kazim came again. The guys showered and left, leaving two very satisfied and well serviced women