Written by Neil

16 Nov 2014

Continuing on from 'My Girl Eimear'. So D, who was leaving town in a week, had slept with my girlfriend Eimear with my blessing. It was an amazing feeling. I mean another man had been with my woman. He had kissed her, felt her body, seen her naked and had fucked her good and proper. We were both incredibly horny in the aftermath. Between all the action she was getting from me and D, it was quite a week for Eimear! I asked if he had said anything to her about me or our relationship, she replied he didn't. What a prick!

So she decided on a girls night out with her friend Niamh on Friday (D was gone visiting friends in another town). Niamh is a sexy, kinda plump girl and has a reputation for fucking. Eimear came back to mine later that night (I was out with the lads earlier). We were both pretty drunk. She confessed that she'd told Niamh about the recent arrangement. I was shocked! "I had to tell someone" Besides, she thought it was great!" Can't say I liked the idea of her knowing that I was ok with this kinda thing but to be honest, it actually turned me on a bit. Later on in the week when I met her, she had a cheeky grin on her when saying hello.

We were both out on Saturday with friends. She was wearing the red heels again, and a sexy black dress. It was good fun and she was texting a bit... I wonder with who! Around 2 a.m. things were coming to a close, and she asks me if it's ok for her to call over to Ds. He's been out and wants her. I agree, she kissed me and hailed a cab. Lucky bastard! Got a text from her later on that night "I've came 3 times (so far) :) "

Eimear admitted to sucking off D at work on Monday and Tuesday. Apparently he was pretty dominating which she liked. She sucked him in the staff toilets and swallowed both times. They had a final night together planned for Wednesday. She was very excited for it. She told me they fucked all night, she stayed over and he had her again in the morning. Then we spent Thursday night together. What a week it had been. We had a few drinks, and talked about it all. She started to fill me in on the previous nights encounter. As she relayed the details, I started kissing her neck and taking off her top. She was loving it but then broke away. "Listen Neil, there's one thing. Well... last night things got kinda carried away, and we didn't use condoms... So maybe you should tonight. I'm not saying there's anything wrong but just to be safe." My cock was aching, "So he came inside you...?" "Yeah, a few times. It happened once just in the lust of it all, then I thought why not for a few times after. I'm sorry." She frowned. I grabbed her head, kissed her passionately. I fucked her like crazy (without a condom). She was fine as it turned out, I was very turned on by the thought that he'd had full access to her now! Bloody hell, her pussy leaking his cum... Mmm, I'd love to fuck it freshly after.

So D is gone but not forgotten. We talk about Eimears fun with him often. Who knows, maybe it'll happen again?