Written by Lorraine

2 May 2007

His penis was deep inside me giving me all of those feelings that I had come to crave. It was Sunday night & the three of us were meant to be at the beach where my black lover & my husband normally satified my need for the two of them fucking me. I had grown used to having two cocks fucking me, so much so that my husband never fucked me without my black lover being with us. I simply needed to have the pair of them servicing me.

Unfortunately my husband had been called out to work so I only had the one cock taking care of me. My husband had told me to go ahead & enjoy myself & he would join us as soon as he could.

My wonderful lover had already brought me to several multiple orgasms, as always his penis sending me into raptures of sexual oblivion. Our first fuck had been in the normal missionary position, his penis being deep inside me, with my legs wrapped high around his upper body, pulling him into me for maximum penetration as I let out all those sexual sounds, asking him to fuck me harder & eventually screaming as my orgasm reached it's height. His penis erupted at the same time intensifying my orgasm, once more sending me to even greater orgasmic plane.

As the pair of us gradually came down our mouths met, his tongue searching deep inside my throat. Our bodies crushed against each other, with our hands searching each others bodies, eventually one of my hands settling on his penis that I had now come to love & continually lusted after, wanting it inside me giving me all the pleasure like it had just given me

His penis never needed much time to get hard again. I believe that he lusted after my body as much as I lusted after his. We were the perfect fuck partners & satisfied each other to the maximum.

Moving away from him I bent forward & took his cock into my mouth & worked it back to it's full glory. Once there I moved my mouth away, gently pushed him down, then straddled myself over him, took his cock in my hand, guided it to my pussy lips, positioned it perfectly, then slowly lowered myself on to it, until it was fully inside me, then started to thrust down on it as he started to thrust up at me, making all those feelings start to come back into my body as I slowly built up to another orgasm. His hands went to my tits kneading them & playing with my nipples that I could tell were enormously erect. My breathing became urgent as I started to get closer to orgasm & I started to work harder on him, urgently thrusting down on his cock. I could hear myself asking him to push up at me, telling him to fuck me harder. One of his hand removed it self from my tits & went to the upper part of my pussy. His fingers started to manipulate my clitoris, immediately sending me once again the multiple orgasm that my body wanted from him. I became a possessed woman as I screamed out, thrusting down on to him. His cock thrust up at me in unison to my downward thrust. As I was deep into my orgasm I felt him discharge up into me, again making my orgasm even greater.

Once again we relaxed as we came down from our orgasms, holding our bodies close against each other as our tongues searched inside each others mouths, with our hands moving around each others body, in truth concentrating on the parts that made each other feel aroused.

His cock was hard again & he positioned me on my hands & knees, got behind me, then delicately started to ply his penis up & down my pussy lips, sending raptuous feelings through me, making me push back at him trying to find his cock so that I could get it inside me. He continued to do this for several minutes, tesing my cunt, several times entering the tip just inside me then withdrawing it to continue playing it between my lips. He had me aroused again making me start to plead with him to bury it deep inside me & fuck me. My pleading went on for several minutes as I was teased, never knowing when he would finally thrust it home into me where I was now begging him to put it. Finally I felt it going deep into me, working it self deeper & deeper, as he rode me doggie style.

Suddenly there was a penis at my mouth, which took me aback & several seconds to realise that me husband had finally joined us. He had quietly crept up on us, stirpping his clothes of as he came. He told me later that he had become very aroused as he approached us because he had heard me begging my lover to put his cock inside me. Apparantly I was so loud he could hear me above the pounding of the waves as they broke on the rocks.

While I had been well & truly fucked by my black lover I had missed the attention from my other partner in our threesome. This was the first time that I had not had two cocks taking care of me for over six months. It was something that I had grown used to, in fact needed, there was nothing like having two men sexually taking care of me.

The penis working me from behind I had grown to love as it gave me sex like I had never had before. Love is the wrong word really I suppose the word should be lust, as the penis that my mouth was working on was the one I loved, as it was my husband's. I couldn't love him anymore than I did, because he was so liberally understanding, allowing us to have another man in our bed. While I knew that it sexually satisfied him & had originally been him that had wanted to see me fucked by another man, I had now grown to want that other man in our bed fucking me, satisfying me like never before.

My mouth worked on my husbands cock making him move it deeper down my throat. Oh how I loved this man with his cock down my throat for allowing the man behind me to be riding his cock in & out of me as he was making me start to come to climax again, one of his hands going round me to search out my pussy so he could again work on my clitoris as he brought me to another multiple orgasm. My husband's hands were working at my tits. As I came my mouth worked harder on the penis making it swell then spurt down my throat. I swallowed then sucked on it getting every last drop of him making him shudder with after orgasm thrusts. I kept his cock in my mouth bringing it back to full erection, at the same down my lover ejaculated inside me for the third time.

We lay there for awhile feeling each other, then started again, this time my husband fucking me doggie style as I blew my black lovers cock.

The three of us fucked for a couple of more hours, as always my pussy having a penis inside it almost continuously for the whole time. If I was a whore I didn't care, there was nothing as far as I was concerned better than having a cock inside my cunt, especially if it was being serviced by two or more at one time.