Written by Evangeline

18 Nov 2008

Well, the next day I spent my time running around the city for work. As you do.

I was wearing a smart but sexy Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress, towering heels, and an open black trench coat. Arriving back in the foyer of the hotel, I saw ‘my’ new favourite bell boy at the concierge’s desk. Let’s call him Blackie. I went by there on my way to the elevator, and asked as coolly as I could whether I could get some champagne sent up to my room, once I had had a chance to get there. Blackie nodded quickly, but the other attendant, on his left, a shorter (comparatively) well built blonde jumped in with a “yes Mrs X, of course”. At this Blackie visibly jumped and blushed.

I thought to myself, that’s interesting, that he should know my name, but then I twigged that my boy probably wasn’t discreet. He had probably boasted (exaggerated?) of his exploits the night before to his mate. It was cheeky I thought, but not unexpected. The blonde looked me up and down without a hint of shyness, as I said “very well”, and indicated 15 minutes or so was good.

Well I rode the elevator with some excitement, the moisture between my legs told me that. I was wearing a fully fashioned open cup bra, it gave me great lift and cleavage, but would expose my breasts utterly, once my dress was off. The fabric of my dress against my skin was almost enough to keep my nipples erect constantly. Now the thought I would be exposing them to an almost perfect stranger again (he got up close and personal with them the night before remember) was enough to make certain they were out and proud now. I wasn’t going to risk under exposure this time either. I had given him a bra or briefs choice last night. He took bra! But tonight I was wearing a black satin suspender belt, seamed stockings and no knickers. I have a fully waxed pussy, and once my dress was off, it would all be on display.

So, as soon as I got to my room, it was off with the coat, off with the dress, and back on with the coat. Now I belted it loosely, touched up my hair, makeup and perfume, and waited in anticipation.

There was a knock at the door. I rushed to it but composed myself. I wasn’t trying to look overly eager to suck a bellboy’s cock again. I opened the door to find the blonde there, with the champagne in his hand! I hesitated and nervousness could have taken hold, but I realized this was an obvious outcome, and hell, it just meant variety for me. I had been going to flash my boy in the door, and drag him in by his tie. But, I didn’t want to appear to be quite that easy to the new boy, so I turned on my heels, marched back in to my room and said “Leave it on the table please”

Blondie complied with a cheeky look in his eye. I made no move, so he asked whether there was anything else he could do ‘for madam’. I replied with feigned reluctance that he could help me out of my coat. I stood facing the full length mirror, unbelted the coat, and he came behind me to slip it down my shoulders and off my arms. In the mirror, I watched him, he watched me, the smile that spread across his face as my body was revealed made my pussy contract in excitement. Once my coat was off, I turned to him and told him thank you, he you could just open that champagne for me, and then I would have everything I needed, but not everything I wanted. I stood within 3 feet of him, hands on my hips, feet slightly apart, as he fumbled with the bottle, achieved the task set, poured me a glass and handed it to me. I took a sip, trying to stay calm, naked, bar hundreds of dollars of explicit lingerie, in a room with a handsome boy, and asked could I tip him. He graciously said, ‘if I wished’. Given he could have been far more blunt, I took that as a sign of good character, and got to it!

I took his hands to my breasts, and let him have his way. I undid his shirt and belt, slipped his fly zip down, and released his cock, which was straining at his jocks as if on a leash. I moved in close, and brushed my breasts against his chest. I stroked his cock till it was rock hard, all the while letting him nuzzle my neck and breasts. I knelt, and took his cock in my mouth, looking at him the whole time. I licked it from end to tip. I rolled my tongue around the head, lavished little kisses on it, caressed his balls with my mouth and tongue, then began sucking him in earnest, assuming that was what he wanted.

He watched, some of the time. He also leaned back on the table to support himself and closed his eyes some of the time. He even took my champagne bottle to his mouth and drunk for all he was worth!. I would like to think years of fidelity (only till recently mind you) hadn’t dulled my cock sucking skills (in answer to a question on my first Room Service story – a dozen cocks before I met my husband at 18, does that make you sit up to attention?. He was groaning softly, and his body was tensing from time to time, then releasing. I gathered he was controlling himself well, and in no mood to let this end quickly. I reached one hand down, to between my legs, and just let my finger slide between my wet, wet lips. I had no desire to stimulate myself directly, and come too soon.

He pulled back from me, and said “please Mrs X, this is a 5 star hotel, let me help you with that”…

He pulled me up, and pushed me backwards gently, to the bed, I sat on the edge, and he crouched between my legs. At first stroking my nipples again, then sucking on them both in turn. Then he wrapped one hand around my waist, spread my legs with the other hand, and said, “let me in there”. He stayed low to the floor, gazing intently at my pussy, while he slid one finger, then two, up and down between my lips. Without ceremony, he pushed me onto my back, with my feet in heels still, squarely on the floor, and my pussy at the very edge of the bed. He spread my legs further, sat in between them, and began to nuzzle into my pussy with his nose, lips and tongue, probing me gently with his fingers, one, then two, then three…

His other hand reached up over my prone body, and found my hands, pulling at my own breasts, shuddering with pleasure. He pulled his face out of my pussy and almost stated rather than asked, “you are completely up for this aren’t you?” I nodded, without saying a word. He stood. took my hand, and pulled me back to a seated position. I spent another generous minute or two, loving, licking and sucking his cock, while he kicked his trousers off from his ankles so he could move freely, and got a condom out of his pocket. I thought to myself, that’s why you have to love 5 star hotels, they have everything you need, at hand, all the time!

“Right then, assume the position” he demanded.

“What position do you have in mind” I asked.

“Oh, doggy Mrs dirty X, doggy”

I grinned with pleasure, he helped me to my feet. I turned away from him, and crawled still in my suspender belt, stockings and heels, on to the bed, with my legs spread. His hand and face were back in my pussy in a flash, and then he pulled me back towards the edge of the bed by my hips, and started to stroke his rock hard cock up and down my slit. I was so wet, lubrication was not an issue, and he slid it straight in, to the hilt, first off. I was so full, and precariously balanced, with my knees on the edge of the bed that I was pressed forward, but he put both hands to my hips, anchored himself, and took another number of deep, slow strokes. I moaned and groaned, and was going to let myself go with the pleasure, when the door knocked.

I was shocked. I leapt forward, and almost off his cock. I thought immediately of getting off my hands and knees, off my bed, rushing him into the bathroom and putting my coat back on. I was blushing in the panic and embarrassment. I expected some surprised reaction from him too, but he kept a firm hold on me at the hips, slid himself out slowly and said, “now you just stay there Mrs X, I’ll get this”.

He sauntered to the door in just his shirt and socks, the rest of his clothes discarded on the floor of my room, that was when I realized he wasn’t in the least afraid of the knock on the door. The surprise was for me alone. I stayed on all fours on the bed, flushed and hot with some fear, while my wet, already somewhat fucked pussy was open to the cool air, as the door was opened and my (now) mostly naked blonde boy bought my fully clothed black haired boy from last night right to the bed, to gaze upon my posed, waiting, available body.

I didn’t even look over my shoulder initially. I hung my head with some shame.

“I told you she was up for more” was all he said, before the level of room service went up a notch, and my first threesome ensued. Do you want to hear about it?